Solidworks Plane


Introduction: Solidworks Plane

Just a Photo Instructable of a plane I made on Solidworks.



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    Does it have a plan to be functional in-air (remote control)? If it did, you'd probably want more wing surface. If not, then it does look neat.

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    I thought for a second your curvature plot was a finite element analysis which would be kind of interesting. Does your version of SW have Solidworks Simulation built in? It would be neat to see how this would hold up to the stresses of flight.

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    When I built this I was just thinking about flow so I have now added a flow simulation (unfortunately this was done with floXpress analysis wizard as I do not have flow simulation on my copy of solid works) instead of stress simulation

    looks cool, can you talk a little about how you made it? what are the separate pieces for? has this been fabricated in real life?

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    Really it is just a lot of extruded cuts and extruded boss/bases with fillets and chamfers to add to the shape and then there are few domes, split lines and a loft.

    This is all one individual part designed to look good and practice skills however if you want to see one with moving parts I could possibly make one. I made the vast majority of this a year ago then switched it around a bit to make it look a little better (I have a slightly more updated one if you want to see it).

    + it hasn't been fabricated in real life .