Solving Any Size Rubik's Cube




Intro: Solving Any Size Rubik's Cube

It’s my pleasure to share my experience in solving Rubik’s cube. A journey which started some months back with a gift from my kid, has culminated in this instructions, which I hope will help every type of beginner to master any size of Rubik’s cube. I have tried to present the instructions in a general, uncomplicated form. While exploring the net for a solution, I was not able to find a simple, uncomplicated solution with adequate details to a seemingly complex problem. Hence, in this instruction, I have tried to present the underlying principles and moves in a simple way to help a beginner understand, explore, extend and use it in his/her own way to arrive at solutions.

Step 1: Piece Notations

Step 2: Move Notations

Step 3: Center Pieces

Step 4: Center Pieces Contd....

Step 5: Edge Groups

Step 6: Edge Groups Contd...

Step 7: Edge Groups Contd..

Step 8: Edge Groups Contd...

Step 9: Solving Like 3x3



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    2 years ago

    This is really great! My son loves trying to solve his Rubik's Cube (he hasn't been successful without removing the stickers!!). Looking forward to more instructables from you! Thanks for sharing.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you. Note that the instruction only provides a link to a great resource to solve a 3x3. The provided link has clearly written, simple instructions with minimal steps to solve a 3x3.