Soma Cube for Brain Development

Introduction: Soma Cube for Brain Development

sometimes I have difficulty solving a problem (math, idea generation, etc.)

Certain activities (walking, tangrams, numchucks, soma cubes) reset my brain and make intellectual problems easier to solve

wood glue

table saw
wood clamps

Wiki on soma cubes:

some soma cube patterns:

Step 1:

at first I was going to measure exactly how big I could make my cubes, based on the size of the 2x4, then I thought that rather than measure and force the making, I'd let the material decide how big to make the cubes:

adjust table saw to cut off the curved edge part of the 2x4 (biggest part of wood between blade and fence)

cut 1 side off all 2x4s

Step 2:

adjust the table saw to cut about half of the remaining part of the 2x4 (smallest part of wood between bade and fence), use a practice piece first to get the fence adjustment right

cut the other curved edge of the 2x4 off (biggest side of 2x4 between blade and fence)

now you are left with square lengths of wood about 1.5"x1.5"

Step 3:

set up a jig and cut the lengths of wood so they are square

Step 4:

glue the soma cubes, 2 cubes at a time

Step 5:

match cubes to shapes, sand if necessary

Step 6:

I made it at TechShop

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