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Though complicated and high tech hiding places are fun, interesting, and useful, the can not always be easy to make and often take much more time than most people have. So, unless you are very paranoid about people finding all your simple hiding places, these can work very well. Whether you are hiding a note or a dollar bill, not many people will find these!

Step 1: Place 1- an Old Book

I love books. Almost every book in my room has been read. That is when thinking of hiding places I turned to that. I have not, however, read this book. It does work great for this project though. And my dad has read most of it.

Which brings us to the first and most important part. Finding the right book is instrumental. It needs to be large with a hard cover. When you open it up there should be space between the cover and where the book is bound or glued together. Books that are rarely taken off the shelves will do better, as it will not be at the risk of somebody opening it to read, and having a little slip of paper or Benjamin falling out. (Speaking of, why do we call them Benjamin. Doesn't that make Jackson, George, Abe, and Hamilton feel bad?)

This next step is easy. Take off the book jacket (if it has one) and open the book until you can see the hole between the binding the cover. Slip whatever you are hiding inside, and place it on a shelf to collect dust.

Step 2: Place 2- the Broken Binder

This works best if your binder is old and falling apart, because then it looks more normal. But almost all binders have a cardboard inside covered in a plastic outside. The corners usually blip up to reveal the cardboard inside. Usually, I tape these, but today I was glad I hadn't gotten around to it yet. This allowed for a great hiding place.

Open up the corner of your binder, or create a hole if it is a newer binder. Slip the hidden item inside and tape the binder up again. In the past I have used a combination of duct tape and clear packing tape on this binder, so I would use those to patch up the corner. Whatever blends in best, use it.

Step 3: Place 3- Battery Case

BATTERY ACID IS DANGEROUS! It burns stuff, especially skin. If what you are using has battery acid, carefully take the batteries out and clean the case before using it.

This one is a very easy hiding place, but not quite as secure as others. Like the book, use something that normally sits around in disuse. Open the back of the case where the batteries are stored and remove the batteries. Put the soon-to-be-hidden object inside and close the case. Make sure you either use the batteries in something else or throw the away, or they leak battery acid.

Step 4: Place 4- CD or Cassette

I enjoy collecting CD's and Cassette's almost as much as I like books. Maybe about half as much.

This works almost equally well with either. If you want it to be hidden slightly better, or you are just retro, I would suggest using the cassette.

When you open a CD case there is usually a piece of paper in the front cover. It will usually have two or more folds. Place the object inside and place it back in the front. Close CD cover.

If you don't know your way around a cassette tape, this will be harder than a CD. I think even a brick might be able to figure this out in 7 minutes, but I have tried to provide good pictures just the same.

When you open the case and take out the cassette there is usually a piece of paper in the front. It will have a long side and a short side, and the tape will sit inside. If you take this out it will unfold. Unfold it all the way, or most of the way, and place the object inside, refolding and packaging it afterwards.

Step 5: Place 5- Glue Stick

This I think is truly one of the classics. It is also often done in chap stick or lipstick tubes.

The glue stick for this should be like the glue stick on the left in the picture above. The one on the right is see through. Unless you are really talented or have done this a lot before, it is also a lot easier to use a mostly empty glue stick.

Unwind the glue stick as far as it will go and then use scissors to pry out the glue part, which should sit in a plastic thing with a screw in the bottom. Place the note or such inside and replace the glue part. This is more convincing, but, as mentioned above, harder, when there is more glue on the stick.

Step 6: Place 6- Flower Pot

This hiding place takes the most work, and is not easily accessible, but if you want to hide it well, this will do it. Take whatever you want to hide and place it in a plastic bag. Fold the plastic bag smaller. Put and approximately and inch of dirt in the bottom of the flower pot, place the folded bag on top, and finish filling the pot with dirt. Place a plastic plant in the dirt. If you use a real plant, it will get wet, and the bag may possibly hinder the progress of the plant's growth, bringing suspicion and not a small amount of anger from the buyer of the plant. Normally my mother. Place this in a window somewhere and make sure no one waters it.

Thanks for reading my instructable! I hope you enjoyed it, and happy hiding!

Ha. Like that wasn't cheesy.

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    Mmm, cheesy idea, i like it.


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    It is going to be obvious because u will have that big pill sitting up there!!!!!


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    What a great place! It's a simple, easy, ingenious instructable. Thanks!!! I am curious, why do you wear your watch on the inside of your wrist? I do too.

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    Agreed. But I, like the first two commenters, simply need to commend you on the Gallifreyan. You know there's an unofficial Gallifreyan language (written, of course), but it's super cool. It's not that hard to learn, either :)


    Be aware that with your passing all books will be sold or given away..A friend of mine found a banknote in a Bible in an OP SHOP and purchased it for a few dollars. She then auctioned the note worth $25000.- to enjoy her next Europa holiday.

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