Some Halloween Costume Ideas

Introduction: Some Halloween Costume Ideas

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In this instrucable we will explore some homemade Halloween costume ideas for all ages. Each idea will come with a brief how to descripton but if you want more information about any of the costumes please message me or comment!

Step 1: Ventriloquest-Mother/Father and Daughter/Son

This is a pretty simple costume, essentially the idea being that the parent is the Ventriloquist and then s/he dresses the child (toddler age) as the Dummy. I think that as long as this idea is done in good fun and not too creepy that this could be a fun costume for everybody.

How To-
If you do decide to make your own costume for this idea instead of just buying a ventriloquists outfit and putting makeup on your child, here are some ideas.
The basis on how to make this costume is pretty simple, all your really need is a suit for dad if he is going to be the ventriloquist, or some sort of show dress for mom. As for the child, the same applies as far as the outfit. Then you want to do the makeup. The ventriloquist does not need that much make up, maybe a little show make up for mom, but as for the dummy you can just follow some pretty generic guidelines. Rosy cheeks, whitish face, teased hair, and draw some lines from mouth to chin. Make sure to keep this pretty lighthearted though, unless you are going for a creepy look.

(See some pictures below for inspiration for dummy makeup)

Step 2: Sim

This one is not my original idea, but it was such a fun costume I could not help but add it. Though i did have an optional innovation idea for it. I was thinking that, if I was to make this costume I would not only have the little green thing above my head, I would also choose to make it out of Plexiglas or something see through and then wire a powerful green and a powerful red led up into it and have the switches on my hand so I could control my "mood'.
I have not actually made this costume though I do intend to if I have time.

Update- I chose to be this costume for Halloween this year and it was a blast! It was really fun to see people faces when the diamond changed colar and though a lot of people did not get it until I explained it to them, I must say, this costume was well worth it.

Step 3: Salad Fingers

The idea for this costume, though you may already know, came from the famously creepy salad fingers episodes on YouTube. If you do not know who salad fingers is, I recommend looking him up, if you dare. But for those of us who are familiar, this is just a little costume you can make to honor the creepy creature.

Step 4: Limb Dropping Zombie

This is just a little expansion on the classic zombie costume. Except in this version, your limbs actually come off. (Makes for a pretty creepy handshake)! All you need to do for this is decide which limb you would like to lose ( I chose a arm ) and build it. I make mine by cutting a sleeve off an old long sleeve shirt and stuffing it with newspaper. Then I took a latex glove and stuffed it with tissue and put it inside of a glove. Then tied to hand to the arm and put on a large sweatshirt (Halloween is pretty chilly usually so this works) put the arm in the sweatshirt and held it with my real hand. As long as you don’t look too bulky this actually works pretty well and is a fun little feature to a classic costume.

(Picture of my fake arm)

Step 5: Halloween Decorations (Homemade)

Don't have a ton of money to spend decorating your house for Halloween but still want to get into the holiday spirit? well here are some ideas decorations made from stuff found around the house.

Dead Body- Okay, this is a classic. Find an old pair of sweatpants, or shirt and stuff it with dog towels (newspaper deflates in the rain) and stick them under your car. Or just impale them in the yard. Whatever works. Or to make it really creepy, buy an old rubber costume mask and put it on the dummy to make it look like it once was a trick or treater.

RC light- Buy one of those light up RC cars or just sauder a light to the wires that go to the motor in the car and place anywhere you want in the yard. Then turn on when you see anybody go near it-free motion sensory light

Candy Bowl- this is my favorite idea because it lets you get a little bit more involved in the scaring instead of just letting the decorations have all he fun. Essentially you make an animatronics hand and cut a hole in an old bowl (plastic) and stick the hand through. Then put the whole thing on a cardboard or wood surface (Flat) and put that on either a box with a hole in the top or some sort of table you can cut through.Then fill the bowl with candy and put it in the entryway. Then give your son or daughter the option of hiding under the table and pulling the strings to scare some trick or treaters!

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    The ventriloquist costume is pure GENOUS! i can't wait until halloween, i think I found my costume :D


    8 years ago on Step 3

    Wow, dude. It's been a year and you still haven't come up with anything?


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    Yeah sorry guys, unfortunatly, I have had a lot going on. I did post something semi recently though, the Harry Potter wands if you want to check those out. as far as the salad fingers costume, I kind of lost intrest after Halloween, but maybe I will find time to finish it sometime.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I would be happy to! you would like to see the salad fingers costume right? unfourtanatly I do have a bit of a lot going on right now but will working on building the costume proabaly pretty soon-though if you want to see some inspiration you can google "Salad fingers Costumes" and look at what others have made. There is not a ton of time before halloween to make this costume but i will do my best!