Some Types of Mehndi Designs Used to Try Ourselves on Functions

Introduction: Some Types of Mehndi Designs Used to Try Ourselves on Functions

The beautiful tradition of applying Mehndi or Henna is needed for every Indian celebration. The joy of these special days is reflected in rich design, bold fragrance and deep colour Mehndi imprints on our hands and feet.I love applying mehndi on every functions. Also on boring times i usually used to apply mehndi on my friends hands and sometimes drew designs on paper.There are different types of mehndi designs which have their own design and reveal their beauty on the hands and feet of the women. Some types of designs are Arabic, Indian, Rajasthani, Pakistani, Bridal, bangle, Floral, Mughlai, Multi colored,etc.

Nowadays on functions like marriages and all, the cost of mehndi increased. By learning some designs we can reduce cost and show our hand and feet beautiful ourselves. This works on my sister's wedding, looks gorgeous and reduced the cost. So here i will show some beautiful, easy, simple designs and types that will help you all.

Tips:You can use any model and can mix many styles in one. Mixing many designs of patterns gives new look.

Step 1:

  • For this we only need our hand, scissor, mehndi cone, oil and sugar mixed with water.
  • Cut the tip of the cone as in need of the thickness of the line we used for different types.
  • Like for Arabic style we need thick lines, for Pakistani and Rajasthani styles we need thin lines.
  • Now start to draw the design like round, flowers, lines, leaves, veins, different shapes, patterns as i have shown.
  • Follow the pattern as shown: from wrist, forearm, palm, thumb, fingers.

Step 2: Finished

  • Now finally we finished our design.
  • Before wash apply coconut oil or sugar mixed with water. Keep that for 2 to 5 mins. It will give good maroon color and our hand looks beautiful.


  • You can draw designs on full hand.
  • On functions draw before one or two days that gives correct maroon color on time.
  • After some practice this design won’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Indian Style and Rajasthani Style

Indian Style mehndi design:

  • The most popular designs that are very diverse.
  • Designs are a complex pattern of peacocks, flowers, along with various other unique curls and curves, without leaving much space in between.
  • They range from simple designs to complex.
  • Simple designs have a big dot or a figure in back of hand or in the center of palm.Figure tips are also covered by henna.
  • complex mehndi patterns we see highly details and fine designs. Such designs are sketched on important occasions like wedding, etc.
  • Such designs are hard to master and they can take hours just to finish one hands design. Mostly such mehndi designs are worn by Indian brides.

Rajasthani Style mehndi design:

  • Mostly same as like Indian style.
  • Have complicated patterns with peacocks, flowers and several curves and curls in between without leaving much clear space.
  • They are mostly done in fine lines covering the hands from the tips of the fingers to the elbows and the design on the feet extending from the toes to the knees.

Step 4: Arabic Style and Also for Floral Style

  • Arabic Mehndi designs are more like decorative outlines than filled patterns.
  • These designs are simple geometric shapes, consisting on lines, square and dots.
  • You’ll mostly see just thick outlines of leaves, flowers and vines.
  • These floral patterns can be used in any type of design with shading, filling etc.
  • Floral patterns added with glitters and shimmers are perfect for a bridal and also for girls on special events.
  • On Arabic model we can use floral designs.

Step 5: Bridal Style and Bangle Style

  • Bridal designs are mostly filled with number of different motifs, flowers, veins and other patterns the top to the bottom.
  • They start from the tips of the fingers and extent up to the half of the arms with different patterns in a flowing manner.
  • The different lines, curves and dots add beauty to the pattern.
  • In bangle style in wrist the design looks like round and round gives a beautiful look to your hands.
  • This style make you not to be tensed in selection of bangles.
  • On Bridal design also we can draw bangle style so that we can wear bangles look more beautiful.

Step 6: Pakistani, Multi Colored and Mughlai Styles

  • Pakistani mehndi designs are a merger of complex versions of Arabic and Indian mehndi designs.

Multi colored Style:

  • Multi Colored Mehndi designs have several colours which look fashionable and are in trend in the modern times.
  • Here i used Black and normal Henna.
  • First of all, using Black cone draw the outline designs and fill the inner spaces with henna.
  • The outline design in this style should contain large space than other designs so that we can fill with other colours.
  • Can use many colours, glitters and small stones to enhance the beauty of our hand.

Mughlai style:

  • Mughlai Mehndi has a distinctive style where every single curl and dot is accentuated boldly.
  • It is the oldest and most traditional form of Mehndi and looks like
  • It contains floral and geometric designs which are spread over the hands with some open spaces.

( we can also use multi colored style here)

  • They extend from the tips of the finger to wrist having flowers, leaves and petal filled with lines and dots.

Step 7: Moroccan Henna Designs

  • Moroccan henna designs of the Middle East are more geometric in nature.
  • The unlike flowery patterns make them look with beautiful mehndi designs.
  • It looks more beautiful for low wrist length.
  • Other than these we have many mehndi designs that are not much popular.

(I didn't try this type of style yet so didn't have the image)

By mixing all these types of mehndi designs we can ourselves decorate our hands and legs. Now Start you own designs and enjoy the occasions.

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    Tip 1 year ago

    You can also dab the dried henna with lemon juice as it helps in extracting the colour from henna..