Some of My KNEX Weapons





Introduction: Some of My KNEX Weapons

Just A few of my knex guns L96 AND MY BRAND NEW MP40



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    Well I think you talk too much because that little mp40 can never shoot over 100ft unless its five layers but it isn't.
    You say that your guns shoot very very far but I don't believe that the "L96"( which it's not ) can shoot further then 5 rb's

    u need like super strong rubberbands for 100+ ft range, i just use 3 or 4 normal rubberbands on all my guns and they accurate to about 30 ft, theres really no need for a toy gun to shoot 100+ ft

    You deserve credit as these guns, in my eye, are based of your crossbow. Although, they are good mods Trainman2001, so 5*

    I'm on your side. Well, as long as you know everyone knows they are mods of your guns, then that's ok.