"Something Weird Is Going on Here" (Joe Pipe - Free Energy)


Introduction: "Something Weird Is Going on Here" (Joe Pipe - Free Energy)

This is from my friend Joshua. It's on Youtube and he has many more videos there to share with everyone.  Just type "Joe Pipe" in the Youtube search box for more.



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    I think you really need to look up the scientific method. changing a variable and then making a claim without understanding what actually happened is very poor science and frankly very lazy. before you say anything about over unity or free energy you need to have proof. everything in your video and in your comments can be explained with basic thermodynamics there is nothing special going on here. if you want plasma then make plasma its not hard at all but what you are trying to do is like saying you are going to make apples out of oranges. it just cant be done. i am not saying you didn't see something it just wasn't what you think it was. And before you make a claim make sure you have proof.

    your missing he whole point hes making with hydrogen fuel which is orgone energy

    So...lighting fuel on fire produces heat.  Gotcha :D

    "Imagine what would happen if you added oxygen...or steam"

    the exact same thing, just at a different speed.  Energy in = energy out.

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     Hi frollard

       Good to hear your comments.

        The endothermic reaction tends to manifest different anomalies even when the test procedures are identical.  Still searching for the missing variable that trips the combustion process to shift from 3rd to 4th state.  It seems to have something to do with the vortexing of the endothermic reaction.

       In the plasma state, the Btu release of energy is much greater than the nominal state.  Like comparing a hand held propane torch to a plasma cutter using exactly the same amount of fuel.

        It is not just a shift in the energy itself, but may have something to do with a physical shift of the fuel or matter that causes the super state to manifest.

         Or it could be that when the plasma state is reached, it produces a resonance harmonic or sub harmonic that opens up a wormhole to the universal vacuum energy.  A shift from the quantum to the scaler state.

         Propane tends to produce the nominal state but have seen it produce quantum reactions using titanium and ceramics.  Could be the densities of the matte that generates a feedback harmonic mixed in with the harmonic generated by the joepipe itself.  Same kind of concept used in the Philadelphia experiment.   

         At some point I would like to duplicate the initial results of 5 years ago using a multiple of various self generated fuel vapors.  Gas and water tend to be more anomalous than propane.  The first time I witnessed copper going into the super conductive state and melting titanium by direct contact with the metal blew me away!  You don't read about stuff like this in conventional science.   But I've seen it time and time again.

         It is more than possible to convert 3rd state matter such as propane into an electrically induced matter state.  And when this 4th state matter com busts, this is what generates the various anomalies that may be considered to be of the 5th state of matter?  

       Last fall I tested .5 inch quartz tubing and got it to melt stainless steel screen with NO oxygen!  That's around 2, 600 F.  When O2 was added, it increased the speed of the overall reaction with a minor increase in heat.

         Was not set up to add steam at this point, but will have all the safety parameters set in place for the firebrick tests.  According to the super heated steam tests done by Sir Hoax on u tube, heating steam into superheated steam will burn when it oxidizes with O2.  The released hydrogen should boost the Btu output of the joepipe, or it could trigger the super state.

        With this next setup, it will be easy to see what happens when combinations of water and waste oil is injected into the concentric gap.  I'll modify the fan to catch the back pressure and add a secondary air flow into the gap to create a direction of flow.

        If the key can be found to shift matter from the 3rd into the 4th state, then the energy out would be over unity being in the plasma state.  Shifting from a liquid to a vapor is no different that phase changing matter.  We just need to understand it to harness its secrets.  So there really is no shortage of energy in the world, not if matter can be shifted.  This would also end pollution as we know it.  In fact, greenhouse gas would become a catylist for the plasma state.  Keeps things interesting that's for sure.  I'm not one for thinking inside of the box.

    "Still searching for the missing variable that trips the combustion process to shift from 3rd to 4th state"

    That's called "fire".

     Hi Kiteman-What I am saying here, is at times the combustion process shifts out of the 3rd state of matter.  It would be like taking a blue bottle propane torch, and seeing it transform into a full blown plasma cutter.  And not just a few inches or so.  The plasma ejections I'm seen were at least 10 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter.
       Saying that it is fire is true.  But this tells me nothing about how the matter shift took place.  Energy is everywhere in the universe just vibrating at different frequencies.  Is it possible to generate some resonant energy signature that is a harmonic to a quantum field energy?  Just like how one tuning fork will tune another without touching.  Over unity is a misnomer.  It has been known that free radical electrons will generate energy out if you alter their spin.  Or if enough imbalance is set up, maybe cause them to leave orbit altogether.  Now this would cause some fun to happen.

    " Saying that it is fire is true.  But this tells me nothing about how the matter shift took place."

    Yes, it does; it caught fire.

    The size, shape and colour of the flames is utterly irrelevant if you have not measured the energy through-put, including the mass-flow and temeperatures all round.

    That stuff about "resonant energy" is nonsense, peddled by charlatans and snake-oil salesmen, believed by those who have not bothered to look into the actual facts.

    Overunity is exactly what you are claiming - if you are claiming "free energy", you are claiming to get out more than you put in.  This has two names; overunity and impossible.

     Hi Kiteman-Wished at the time when I witnesses some of these anomalies that all the test equipment was in place to measure date.

       Another observation that I saw using the titanium pipe you see in the pics.  Is that in the first test using titanium and propane, the metal did not change color.  Not even a hint.  You can tell the rough temperature of internal flame by the color or the metal.  Don't need a tester to tell your that.

       However, when a short length of .5 porcelain tube was inserted half in and half out of the titanium test pipe, this generated a super bright lime green flame external of the pipe about 3 inches or so.  After a minute or two, 2/3's of the titanium pipe glowed a very bright orange-white.  Bright enough to read a newspaper in the dark.  In all my testing, not once did I ever get a titanium pipe to burn with this kind of intensified color change.  So where did the extra energy come from to account for the change?

        I could have run this for hours it seemed, but at the time I shut off the titanium pipe and went for a coffee. Went I came back it was cool enough to examine,  And to my surprise, you could see hundreds of pot marks on both sides of the pipe.  This again has never happened since then.  Propane doesn't produce that kind of heat to physically pot mark the titanium.  Went I took the piece in to the coffee shop, my friend took one whiff and said that there was a strong arcing smell.  Now you know that this was because the temperature was high enough to reach the vapor point of the metal.  And the pot marks, they were perfectly spaced apart on the surface.  This is not the normal burn of propane and air.

       It is my best guess that the excess energy came out from the atomic valence of the titanium itself.  The porcelain could have set up some kind of cascading effect that began to set into imbalance the outer shell.  If you split the nucleus you get a really big bang of energy release.  Maybe this was happening without the nucleus being split, but influenced by the valence imbalance.  It is a fact that energy being that produced by the burning of the propane came from somewhere.

        You know in the Montock project, they perfected a jump chair that was able to dial up the frequency of the space-time location you wanted to go.  Hyperspace is no longer a theory and has been used in the upper military circles.  Sound I believe has everything to do with want I'm doing here.  It is the common denominator seen in a number of the super state reactions.

        In around the same time I discovered the joepipe technology, I met this man who was third party to a test group in Calgary, Alberta.  They were involved in what was called the 'Jackhammer effect.'  This group from what I was told, were able to dissociate water into hydrogen and oxygen using sound induction at a pressure of 2, 700 psi.  When news of this got out, big boys came up from the US and shut down the project and did a internet sweep of all information.  

        There is also a man here in Mission, BC, who has a patented device that using sound to induce freezing.  So if sound can have a freezing effect, it can also have the opposite effect.  Most of what we are used to is the third state of things.  In the 4th state matter takes on a higher state of energy.  Not more energy.  Just more energetic but more energy as it would have in the third state.  Same as steam is more energetic than water.  The same amount of matter but in a different phase change.

       It is evident that the characteristics of the metal observed in the super state is a result of a change of matter from a lower to a higher state.  There can really be no other reasonable explanation.  No magnets were use to induce the change or anything else.  It is proven that a little energy can cause H2 to divide into H1 + H1, and when it combines back into H2, that the shift releases over 5, 000 F of heat.  Again there was a shift in the molecular state of the matter.  Then you look at Tesla's work, John Keeley, Hutchenson, Brown and others.  They all had one thing in common, and that was energy was being pulled in from an outside source.  Then you have Paul Pantone and his ability to transmute matter which has been proven but not understood or accepted even with the facts.  Very little is understood about implosion dynamics.  The perfect device would use both sides of the coin at the same time to really be efficient.  Matter changing states at a exponential rate.

        Anyway, I'l do what I can here to post some work and use the forum to communicate here.  

    Oh dear, all my woo woo alarms went off at once when I read that.

    I am sorry you have succumbed to just about every strain of conspiracy theory at once.

    Montock project?  None of the conspiracists can even agree what it is.

    Jackhammer effect? Try it's proper name; acoustic cavitation.  It's a medical tool.  I don't recall my youngest son exploding in a hydrogen/oxygen fireball when the doctors used it to shatter his kidney stones.

    Internet sweep?  So how did you find out about it...?
    There's a conspiracy, and I can prove it!
    Go on then.
    I can't, They have hidden all the evidence!
    So how do you know there's a conspiracy?
    There must be a conspiracy, otherwise They would not have hidden all the evidence!
    But how do you know they hid it?
    Because it's not there!
    So, your evidence for the existence of a conspiracy is the fact that there is a complete lack of evidence for a conspiracy?
    See!  I told you!

    There is no point continuing this discussion until you stop making up terminology, flush the woowoo from your psyche, and do a proper examination of your system.

    Get the hard data, use proper terminology, and then we can discuss why you have not actually bent the nature of reality, and just made a mistake in your interpretation of the evidence.

     Hi Kiteman-Some time ago I got to be personal friends with someone who used to work as a guard in area 51.   Stuff that that's way outside the box of conventional thinking.  But i will do my homework here and brush up on my terminology.  As of yet no one has come forward to even give there explanation of the observations presented.  Like copper turning a translucent orange where it turned the end of the titanium pipe into so much sludge.  Copper melts at around 1, 950,F and titanium around 3, 200 F.  So how in the world did something like this happen?  I've not received not one even reasonable explanation as to the facts observed.  So now the ball is in your court to try to give a scientific explanation as to how these said observations were derived.  It has nothing to do with terminology here. At least I've come forward with a possible explanation.  How many of you have seen copper remain in the solid state and melt titanium?  Even had a witness to the fact when it took place.  Just presenting the hard evidence of observation.  I'm not out to be difficult, but up until now, no one has been able to come up with an possible scenario.  Just relating the observable facts here.  You guys are supposed to be the ones with the answers so I'm challenging you up on it. If you want I could send you some of the test samples that got destroyed in the testing so that you can examine for yourselves?   

    > So now the ball is in your court to try to give a scientific explanation as
    > to how these said observations were derived.
    .  Au contraire. It is your job to provide evidence that your observations are correct and mean something. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" - Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996)
    > Even had a witness to the fact when it took place.
    .  Who you gonna to believe, Science or your lyin' eyes?

    Translucent copper?

    Show us.

    Solid copper melting titanium?

    Show us.

    How do you know it was pure copper?  Pure titanium?

    How do you know what the temperature was?

    And the assertion that titanium melted is not evidence of overunity (free energy).

    Do the measurements.  Get the hard data.  All you have so far a purely subjective, unscientific, inaccurate assertions, plus a deductive leap that is not supported by the premise.

    I  thought the video was pretty funny.  And thanks for your comment.  If you look at some of his other videos on youtube you can see what he has used different sources for fuel in the past.  He would love to hear from you and anyone interested in his findings. Email him at: 

    Here is what my friend Joshua just sent me this morning regarding his joepipe:
        I'm ready to try out the insulated chimney made out of fire brick and refractory cement.  It is designed to withstand 3, 000 F of heat.  Insulating the heat that escapes from the joepipe should increase the core temperature, and in doing so, the gap that is between the pipe and the insulated chimney should increase to around 2, 500.  The reason for this is that if water is sprayed into the gap, it instantly becomes steam and transforms into super heated steam.  Super heated steam, when it comes into contact with iron or in this case steel wool.  The oxygen separates from the steam and releases the hydrogen.  This in turn mixes with the outer flame coming from the joepipe to give you a greater combustion.
        A person demonstrated this about ten years ago on BCTV, and the information got erased by the powers to be.  Instead of a joepipe, he used a two spray tanks, one filled with kerosene and the other water joined together.  On the end of the wand was a piece of iron that he heated red hot, and when the water hit it, it turned into hydrogen and created this white ball of fire.  But when he tried to tap off the heat, the process cooled and shut down.  Using the joepipe, it is easy to keep the iron hot at the same time to make the hydrogen.
       When the poles reverse, all electrical will not work, but it is easy enough to run the joepipe using a wind generator to turn a rotary air pump.


    Your forgetting one thing, H2O Reacts with Iron. 

    What do you mean "greater combustion"? A higher Flame Temperature does NOT mean you get free energy, it just means youve reached a high enough temperature to ignite that gas. In some cases, you can split water with extreme heat and ignite the  resulting gas.

    Plenty of Reactions give off More Heat than what was started with, case and point, a thermite reaction. At first it may seem like you are getting more energy than you put in, but down at the atomic and molecular level, electrons are being pulled apart in a chemical reaction, and this reaction releases energy.

    Energy in does equal energy out UNDER ideal conditions. That is, if efficiency is equal to 100%, however all is not ideal in the real world. The most you can possibly get is 99% efficiency, and even that is hard to obtain.

     Hi Nerdz-I understand what you are saying.  The normal operation of the joe pipe where a endotheric-exothermic reaction take place, ie. the Level 3 Flame, stands within the borderlines of conventional science.  However, there is a flip side that is very abnormal, and seems to border in the 4 th state of matter and maybe developing some kind of 5th state wormhole.  On many occasions I've seen the endothermic reaction collapse into pure plasma, seen titanium transcend into the super-conductive state, seen where propane converted into a plasma fuel with multiple colored arcing, seen fire brick instantly go glistening white within a split second,.  These are some of the anomalies I've witnessed firsthand over a five year period of testing.  As far as I understand, no one has yet been able to achieve a matter shift from the 3rd to the 4th state.  This is the nuts and bolts of the anomalous side.  Completely out of the box stuff!  Maybe you could comment on this and I've come across no one at this point who has a reasonable explanation?  Tesla, Brown and others in the same line of thinking were moved by their intuition more so than intellectual knowledge.  I've got samples of titanium that shattered where the Level 3 Flame went into a super sonic mode and created this intense plasma arc that quaked around and dismembered the pipe.  Never seen this in the physics books!  But I have witnessed the 4th state on numerous occasions.  Imagine being able to control and generate the entire scale of the plasma state?  Looking for your response,  Joshua.

    Plasma is just super heated energy. Of Course you can Control it. Its done everyday practically. Just use electromagnetic fields or magnetics. Im pretty sure this is how ion thrusters work, by directing a jet of plasma causing thrust.

    Do you have calculations to Prove any of these claims? Or Measurements?

    Plasma isn't energy, it's just the fourth state of matter - all flames are plasmas.  Nothing special about a plasma.

     Hi Kiteman-Please let me understand what you're saying here.  Maybe I should rephrase my question.

        The different between propane burning in the 3rd state and propane burning in the 4th state is like comparing gun powder to C4.  Same amount of matter but much more active in the plasma state.  I've seen propane up close converted into the 4th state of matter.  It had multi bands of color and was definitely arcing  as it generated this super white hot spot.  Now where do you see something like this ever happening.  I've used to cut steel and now this is not a conventional situation here.

        And how about the copper when it became thermally super-conductive and turned titanium into sludge upon direct contact with the metal.  Where do you read about this in your science books?

         The very first anomaly I every witnessed doing the fire brick tests, was when I pulled back the brass gas feed and saw a spinning ball of purple light.  It vaporized the bottom of the fire brick and turned it into so much green glass.  The flame itself from observation was a plasma ball and not a linear flame.  You guys are supposed to be the bright ones here.  Still waiting for some reasonable explanations.

    The different between propane burning in the 3rd state and propane burning in the 4th state is like comparing gun powder to C4.
    I assume you mean "gas" and "plasma".  The difference is that the former is a gas, and the latter is a flame.

    You have no evidence for free energy or unusual states of matter at all.  All you have done is set up an efficient flame.

    How do you know that the copper became "thermally super-conductive"?  What does that phrase even mean?

    Even titanium will melt and react with other hot materials, especially when exposed to the air.

    You say you want "reasonable explanations".  Based on the evidence you have given, you have had all the explanation you need; it is an ordinary flame.

    Until you provide the data I mentioned, there is nothing else to explain.