Song Alarm Clock

Introduction: Song Alarm Clock

Alarm Clocks are annoying. I don't like waking up to 'BEEP BEEP BEEP' nor garbled static from the radio. I don't really have the motivation to hook up some elaborate iPod set-up where I have to reset the playlist every day. Instead, I grabbed a LinkIt ONE and used it's audio capabilities to play custom music from an SD card to my speaker system. Finally, you can wake up to good music!

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Step 1: Supplies

Not much is required here.

  • LinkIT One board
  • SD Card (Optional)
  • Headphones (to test) or Speakers for full deployment
  • Your Favorite mp3 file!

Step 2: Install Music on Device

You can do this one of two ways:

Drag and Drop Music into the LinkIt One Flash Storage*

Turn your LinkIt One device into 'MS' mode (Mass Storage) and your computer will recognize it just like a usb stick. From here, you can easily drag and drop mp3 files over. The problem is that your limited by the 10mb on the LinkIt One, this means only a handful of songs (if they are short!).

Install Music on an SD card

You can grab a micro-sd and store much much more music on there. If you wish to do it this way, make sure to switch your LinkIt ONE to 'SD' mode, as seen in the above figure.

*This is the method I used for this tutorial.

Step 3: Place Audio Hardware

You can insert either a pair of headphones or a professional speaker system. I've tested both and they work quite well with the LinkIt ONE producing quality sound.

I then place a speaker system in my bedroom. Be sure to place your speakers someplace where you can hear them well in the morning (not under your bed!). This way it will actually wake you up and you will hear more crisp sound.

Step 4: Deploy Code

Three main libraries we're using for this project. One is the LAudio library, which is used to play sound on our LinkIt Device. Another is the LSD Library, which is used to read the song from our flash storage (Or SD storage) and finally the TimeAlarm library. The TimeAlarm library is used to actually set the alarm. This is not an internal library for the LinkIt One, so make sure to download it and install it before you deploy.

Step 5: Deployment and Going Forward

Now once you're plugged in, just hide your LinkIt ONE under the bed and wake up to some awesome jams every day!

Going forward, there are plenty of ways we can add on to this. Maybe program the LinkIt ONE to send out a text alarm too? Maybe configure an small server so we can reset the time from our computer. Hope this gets the gears going! Go tinker!

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