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I'm a big DW fan. Probably not big enough to build a tardis in my room, but close.  Big enough to buy a toy sonic screwdriver off amazon in 2007.  Sadly it's cool noises and UV light only kept me amused for 3 to 4 weeks.  So, I set about figuring out how I could make it more fun. Around the same time I ran into the inventor of the TVBG in San Francisco, and the result you can see.  Took me freak'en forever though. Because I didn't know anything about electronics, AT ALL. I had heard of electricity and knew that made the lights go in the house.

The one draw back with this Sonic Screwdriver is there is no sonic.  The original board in the toy has been rolling around my project box for a while and was subjected to two transatlantic flights, a winter in Boston (understandably, I barely survied that trip), travel to the Bay area and then to Oregon. It stopped working.  Otherwise I would have wired it in parallel. But at some point this heavy addiction starts taking a toll on your loved ones and you decide it's time to finish it.   I know there are at least two others out there who had the same idea as me (there is no such thing as a original idea).  You know who you are.  So, there is room for improvement, like a super bright blue LED instead of the green one and the wide angle IR. Smaller IR LED's is a good idea as well, less effort to squeeze it into the head.

I did use a pre-programmed chip and components from Cornfield electronics just because red hair dye doesn't come cheap and Mitch needs to stay on the cutting edge o'fashion .  

I also used the $3.50 mini tvBG intructable as a guild.  Which helped a lot. And there is little reason to try and re-write an excellent instrutable.  

here is a video for it working. I added all the sound effects post production



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    5 years ago

    you could of got one from books a million

    Okay, I get where you are coming from, I'll remove my comments as well. I shouldn't have said mine was better, but I did originally post it because I thought you would think it was cool that someone else had the same idea. It's a pretty good one, and I was just frustrated that you called my project plagiarism, even though I hadn't even seen your project until after I posted mine.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, this idea is awesome. I really do like it, but I was wondering is there a way I could use a similar method to turn of my remote control fan. I have the existing remote, so the parts are there, but would it be the same basic method?

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction


    YES, you could do it. The same basic components and layout would work. It would only require :

    1) finding out what IR codes the remote uses.
    2) writing a new program. Which runs those codes
    30 flashing the chip

    it would be way easier just to order all the parts new from Jameco. that way you still have your remote.

    BUT, by far the hardest part will be the programing. from the pic, it looks like there are 5 functions? On, off and x3 speed? It would be cool if it operated each function in order when you pushed the button ie ON - first push, faster -2nd push, ........ 5th push - Off.

    you should try it. Have a look around for the IR codes for the fan and go from there. It could send you mad though, just a warning.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yea, I kind of threw the fan away, so I think I'm just gonna go with your idea, ha, but you said you used the TVBG guide right? If so, how the heck do you get those IR's in the head of the screwdriver?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    got a dremel? I hollowed most of it out and only used one half of the inside tube.

    If i was to do it again, I would use one narrow beam and a super bright blue one. for effect. and spend a bit more time making a bigger group ground off the chip.

    I used this ibl', as a guild. as well.