Sonic the Hedgehog Fondant Birthday Cake




Introduction: Sonic the Hedgehog Fondant Birthday Cake

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Introduction: Sonic the Hedgehog is my son's favorite character and for his birthday this year, that is what he wanted to have on his cake! My sister normally creates exquisite cakes from fondant, but she didn't have the time and I wanted to teach myself. So, this was my first fondant cake, for my son's 7th birthday!

Requirements & Recommendations: If you plan on making a cake like this, be sure to have extra items on hand. I do not recommend that you use store-bought frosting. You can make it yourself and you will have an abundance of it - it will taste better and be much more affordable. Next, I also recommend making your own Marshmallow Fondant from scratch.It is really pretty easy to make. After making it, be sure to wrap it up tightly in saran wrap, so it doesn't harden or dry out. Also, have gloves handy, for when you dye the fondant different colors. If you dye it, use Wilton's Icing Gel, not food coloring.
  • Here is an instructable on making your own marshmallow fondant. From my sister's past experiences, this stuff tastes much better than the store-bought and other kinds. It's basically made from marshmallows and powdered sugar - who doesn't love that?
Layering & Decorating: I made a layered cake. I wanted to make this cake over-the-top and I like layers. I also dyed one of the layers blue. If layering, do not cut the cake in half length-wise. Be sure to let it cool completely, then place toothpicks around the cake so you know where the center is. Then use a long piece of dental floss to slice that cake in half length-wise.
  • For my decorations, I created the orange spirals from fondant alone. I used a wooden skewer and wrapped thin long pieces of fondant around it and let it dry out.
  • For the yellow circles or rings, I used fondant one part fondant to 1/4 part of gum paste. This allows for it to harden better than with fondant alone. Gum paste purchased in a package is expensive, but I purchased it as I couldn't find the ingredients to make it from scratch.
  • For Sonic - I created a body consisting of a found tummy and round head out of gum paste alone. I cut a wooden skewer into four pieces and used that as his legs and arms. I put those pieces into the gum paste body before I let it all dry. Then after that, I started by laying fondant over the head and other body parts. Then, by creating the detailed fondant pieces and attaching them. It was the most time-consuming part of the process.

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