Sonic Toy That Is Really Fun to Make and Use





Introduction: Sonic Toy That Is Really Fun to Make and Use

I got so overwhelmed by the positive feedback from my Road Runner toy that I decided to make a Sonic version of it as well. I thank user "SonicLoverSeth" for pushing me in this direction since it turned out really good I think! :)

For information on how to build it please go to the Road Runner instructable.

PS. the weight is different so I had to modify the screws and nuts (see picture).
PS2. The long end of the cotton swab is at Sonic's head center.

YouTube video below:

Print out below:



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    5 Discussions

    hi I tried making this for my son for his birthday but I failed miserably I'm wondering if you consider selling the sonic one

    Looks like this may be easier to make than the road runner because of the skinnieness of the r.r. Was it easier?

    1 reply

    Yeah the Sonic figure is a lot wider = easier to glue. But on the other hand, the RR got it's tail which helps with the weight.

    In some weird way, I feel honored by this instructable! Thank you very much!!!

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