Sonicare FlexCare - Tighten Metal Shaft




This process will demonstrate how to remove the internal assembly and tighten the metal shaft on a Sonicare FlexCare toothbrush.

To complete this, you will need 5-10 minutes and the following:
Standard flat head screwdriver
#0 Phillips screw driver
A little common sense

Step 1: Disassembly

Remove brush head
Using a standard flathead screwdriver
Gently twist the bottom plug until it releases
Gently remove the plug

Please note the tabs holding the plug in place are soft plastic and look like they will easily break.

Holding the body, push down on the metal shaft. Because of the seal it will take a little effort so I used side of the handle on my screw driver to break the seal and push it down.
Pull the internal assembly out

Step 2: Tighten Metal Shaft

Using a #0 Phillips screwdriver, tighten the screw that holds the metal shaft

Step 3: Battery

Though this is not a step to replace the  Li-Ion battery, I thought I would post a photo.

It appears that the battery is glued in place, but I think others have posted instructions on how to remove it.

Step 4: Reassembly

 Just the reverse of step 1
 Push the internal assembly back into the body until rubber seal is flush with the top of the body
 Push the plug straight in until it snaps into place
 Attach brush head

Step 5: Test Your Work

It should be pretty obvious, but try brushing your teeth!
If you really need brushing instructions you probably should not be using a Sonicare

That said, if get all the way to this step and are stuck, click the link below and scroll down to page 7


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2 years ago

I figured out how to tighten both screws and fixed mine. (Much thanks to getgoing100 and JWH1975 and others). The first small phillips screw at the base of the coils is easy to find. The second one is directly opposite to the obvious one on the other side of the brush underneath the circuit board. To expose the second hidden screw at the base of the coils you have to bend the brush head and the red coils very hard away from the circuit board to expose the hidden screw. You have to bend it nearly 90 degrees to get a screwdriver on to the hidden screw. It certainly feels like the whole fragile contraption might break apart. But mine didn't. As you can see from the photo I stuck a screwdriver into the gap at the top of the coils to create the air gap. The gap remained after I re-tightened the two coil screws, unbent the head and pulled my small screwdriver out of the gap

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Reply 1 year ago

To access the two screws, no need to bend it, just hold the bright red coil part with one hand, and hold around the battery top part, pull (as if you are pulling the cap out of your pen) with a slight wiggle, they will come apart, then you can access the second screw. Snap them back after you are done.


Tip 1 year ago on Step 5

While this instruction is useful, I also found the instructions in is more suitable for my problem. Please read that.

To access the two screws, no need to bend it as JamesD280 described, just hold the bright red coil part with one hand, and hold around the battery top part, pull (as if you are pulling the cap out of your pen) with a slight wiggle, they will come apart, then you can access the second screw. Snap them back after you are done.

I also found you do not have to set the bright red coil too far away down. When the two screws come loose, the red coil will snap to the top part, leaving no gaps in between, because they are magnets. Better insert a small flat head screwdriver as JamesD280 showed in the photo, before loosen both screws.

Good luck with your toothbrush!


7 years ago on Step 5

Thanks. You just saved me from having to buy a replacement for an otherwise fully functional brush. Unfortunately I was impatient and made a mess of the soft plastic base so I'll need to find something to seal it to make it waterproof again.

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Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

It lasted another year and a half before I had to tighten it again. This time I had a little trouble getting the inner component out but I turned it upside down and pushed the top down on to the top of a table and it came out easily.


1 year ago

Awesome thank you jwh1975 and cwalger you guys just saved me a bunch, I was able to repair BOTH Sonicare handles that I have used for over 6 yrs now. After your fix both are as good as new.


2 years ago

Took mine apart and both screws are tight. Has anyone found other issues that might cause the metal shaft to be wobbly?


2 years ago

Thanks for the writeup. you don't need to bend the coil away to get at the screw behind the coil. You simply need to pull the top and bottom half of the brushed apart. The black plastic has two plastic tabs that slide into the metal - if you pull the top and bottom of the brush away from each other, the tabs 'click' down an eight of an inch or so and the two halves come apart (held together on ly by the two coil wires). The it's easy to get at the back screw.


2 years ago

I opened mine and fixed the looseness, but now the power won't turn on even though its fully charged. Does anyone know what might have happened with the electronic part? Photos preferred. Thanks everyone!


2 years ago

Thanks for this excellent post. My screw near the shaft was not loose, but the gap between the coils and metal base was gone. Probably we had been pressing the toothbrush against our teeth too hard. My dentist warned us that these are absolutely the best toothbrushes as long as you brush lightly and let the vibration occur to the fullest extent. Anyway, I followed the instructions and photos below to increase the gap and fixed the problem completely, saving $120 or so. Great thinking.


2 years ago

Thanks for this instructable - i have a slight observation from what I did.

I moved the coils down (the screw as not loose) and padded with plastic as suggested above. However, the plastic actually absorbed the vibration.

Ensuring a gap was there meant it worked again :)


Reply 3 years ago

I twisted the plug about 1/4" CCW, but I don't think it matters which direction. You just need to turn it far enough so the black tabs in the 2nd pic on the first step (near the bottom end) twist out of the slots in the shell. The other method of squeezing the oval of the body so the sides bulge out away from these tabs works well too. The tabs are easy to see in the step 3 battery picture too-- they are lined up with at the left end of the battery at the green band and fit into little slots inside the sides of the shell.


3 years ago

It would be helpful to mention that the bottom plug detaches from the main body and the hole which appears to take a flat screwdriver blade in fact does nothing and there is no need to rotate the plug. I just ended up destroying the plastic a little for nothing.

Don't worry about the plug, it's just a plug not attached to anything really. You want to remove the inner assembly and THAT is what has two little plastic tabs that fit into recesses in the outer body shell that surrounds it.

To get the body out, as another poster said, it easiest just to use channel lock type pliers and squeeze the outer shell/body at it widest point about 3/4" (2cm) from the bottom.

In doing this you widen the body where the tabs sit in their recesses and you can just push firmly on the metal tip of the device and it should fall right out. If it doesn't come right out, perhaps remove the bottom plug first with a small flat screw driver by prying between it and the body, trying to pull it straight down.

Some overseas folks are selling internals for these brush bodies on eBay. Might be worth looking at if you have physical breakage.


3 years ago

I basically took it very carefully and got the end cap off by prying with screwdriver, plus holding the end with a pair of channel locks. Once I got the cap off, I pulled out the entire mechanism and discovered that the screw holding the metal tip was loose. I simply tightened the screw and put it all back together. It works liked a charm now.


3 years ago on Introduction

The screw in my toothbrush doesn't seem to be loose. However my metal shaft has detached from the main body of the toothbrush and the rubber seal around it has broken. Any ideas what to do or where replacement parts could be obtained?


4 years ago on Introduction

I got it out (use a very broad tip screwdriver!) and tightened it up, but then when putting it back in, the toothbrush turned on for a bit, then turned off and now will not turn back on again....did i short something out somewhere? I put the core on the basestation and it charges, but can't get the thing to turn back on again... Any suggestions?