Sony DCR-HC28 Trouble Report

Introduction: Sony DCR-HC28 Trouble Report

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After about 2 years of working properly my Sony DCR-HC28 Handy Cam failed.  The tape door will not retract into the camera.  There is a motor inside the camera that under normal circumstances will automatically retract the tape door into the camera when it is pushed shut by hand.  I called Sony tech support and discovered I had six options for dealing with this problem.

Option 1: Power Cycle The Camera
Option 2: Reset The Camera To Factory Defaults
Option 3: Send The Camera To Sony For Repairs ($120)
Option 4: Find A Local Camera Shop
Option 5: Take It Apart And Fix It Yourself
Option 6: Buy A New Camera

There are some tutorials out there offering strange solutions, neither of which worked for me as I resorted to them in desperation.  But here they are in case you decide to try them.
A. Hit your camera really hard with your hand and hope it starts working again.
B. Press on the "mode gear" with a screw driver and hope it starts working again.

Good Luck!  Let me know what works for you.

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