Sony Ericsson USB HUB





Introduction: Sony Ericsson USB HUB

make a usb hub for you se phone

Step 1: Stuff You Need

havent got a picture for this step but you need:
an LED
SE phone
2 position switch
SE usb data cable
housing for it all

Step 2: Cut the Wire

cut your data cable and strip the 4 wires inside

Step 3: Connect the LED

connect the positve leg of the led to the black wire and the negative to the red wire

Step 4: Connect the Switch

conect the switch

Step 5: Get the Housing

i used an old home hub phone base

Step 6: Cut the Holes and Put in All In

cut a hole on the front for the LED and a hole on the top for the switch
you can do this witha craft knife

Step 7: The Finished Product

once its all connected all you gotta do is plug it in the usb port out the phone on and flick the switch and evryones a winner



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    6 Discussions

    nope i done exactly as in the step might be because the led wires were just random colours

    according to the steps... you are connecting the LED backwards... positive goes on red and negative goes on black.

    the LED is a kind of amber colour as for the picture im using the 5mp camera on my k850i..its not the photo its the photographer.. and as for the resisstor the led is the original one it just looks it is green when i use it...dont know why :/

    Bad pictures. You definitely want better pictures, but it's a good idea! And agreeing with matseng, you most definitely want to add in a resistor.

    The pics of the construction steps shows a green led. Yet it's red in the final pic. Did the green LED stop working when you powered it up the first time? Never connect a LED to power directly, you must have a resistor (100-500 ohm) in series with it unless you want it to be destroyed within a short time.

    Neat. That isn't a hub, though, it's a dock.