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Introduction: Sony Action Cam Diy Flat Lens for Spk-as2

Create a removable flat lens for your Sony action cam out of uv filters!

I made this flat lens because I don't want to buy another case and the sony flat door. It is expensive if you don't dive really deep. And since I the spk-as2 case had good waterproofing for its rated depth, let's slap a flat lens on top of it.

The flat lens is:
37mm uv filter
Things you need:
37mm uv filter
37-52mm step ring
52mm uv filter
white teflon tape (for tubing)
waterproof super glue
acetone - for cleaning the super glue
a metal file, screw driver, plier

Instead of 37-52mm + 52mm uv filter, you can try just another 37mm uv filter. Just glue the glass on the outer side, SEE LAST STEP for example.

The uv filters can just be generic, to make the cost cheap. You can maybe use a multicoated 52mm uv filter to reduce glare. But I don't know if it can survive dipping in sea water.

Because of the step ring having an edge inside and not a cone shape, this is only good for 120 degree setting, and will vignette on corners.

Step 1: Remove the Glass of the 37mm Uv Filter

Using a screw driver, or a small plier (or a more proper tool), remove the glass from the 37mm uv filter. The outer ring will be glued to the case' door. The glass and the lock, will not be used

Step 2: Put the 37mm Uv Ring From the Last Step to the Door

Now we can shoot the protruding lens of the case door to the 37mm uv ring. But we must check first for vignette.

Attach all 37mm uv ring, 37-52mm step ring and 52mm uv filter (not too tight), then put it on the case door. Using a mobile phone, through PlayMemories app, check if there is vignette in 120 degree setting. If it does, we need to file the rear of 37mm ring,s o we can push back the glass and the step ring closer to the lens.

If you file too much, the 52mm uv filter glass will be too close and hit the door's glass. We dont want that.

Step 3: Glue the 37mm Uv Ring to Case' Door

Now we can glue it up. We will only glue the 37mm uv ring to the case' door. This way, the flat lens is removable.

Put the 37mm uv ring on the door, and put super glue inside the ring, between the glass and NOT ON THE GLASS. You shouldn't put too much or else the glue will block the screw thread inside the ring. And that will prevent you from screwing the 37-52mm step ring firmly. Wait for the glue to fully dry. Some white mist may appear around the glue, you can clean that with acetone. Just put a small amount on a piece cloth and wipe. Use the acetone to correct poorly applied glue.

*If you filed the rear of 37mm uv ring, you may want to cover the filed part with some kind of paint or glue, as protection. It may rust over time, especially in sea water, even aluminum. Mine is covered with a sharpie black because I forgot to cover it with glue

Step 4: Seal the 52mm Uv Filter

I also super glued the sides of the 52mm uv filter to seal it. I unscrewed the lock ring of the glass, applied glue to all sides. Then screwed the lock ring again. Waited for it to fully dry, and cleaned the flass with acetone.
If you used a multicoated uv lens, you need to use a different sealant than super glue. Because you'll damage the coat if you clean excess glue with acetone

Step 5: Attach the Whole Thing

Put teflon tape between 37-52mm ring and 52mm uv filter. The teflon tape seals it. 2 -3 layers of teflon will do.

Put teflon tape also on the 37-52mm ring.

Attach everything!

Step 6: The Finished Product

And we're done. Sincs there is air inside, you should put a small anti-fog inserts there. But it shoul be really small. Maybe a small cut panty liner (advised by a friend)

Sample vid: Sony action cam diy flat lens test (120 deg only):

Thanks to Sony Action Cam Philippines ( for the teflon tape and feminine napkin idea

Step 7: (update), My 2nd Flat Lens (120 Deg Only)

I had another 37mm uv filter for a different cam, laying around. I tried putting the flat glass outside to see if it won't hit the curved glass, and guess what, it doesn't hit.. So I glued it now. It will be my main flat lens now. smaller space, maybe fewer fogging and compact

Step 8:

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, my orginal SPK as2 lens ir scrached a bit, and I see it on videos.

    How can I remove the scratch? Is the lens from glass?