Spooky Tree and Bat Decoration




Introduction: Spooky Tree and Bat Decoration

In this instructable we will go over how to construct a quick and easy way to decorate your home for halloween!  I made this entire project using scrap material, software and machines that I have acess to at Techsop Menlo Park!

What's needed:
acrylic of your color preference
acrylic cement or acetone
access to the eplilog lasers onsight
CorelDraw knowledge

Step 1: Setting Up Your File

I selected a JPEG file that I liked from the interenet and opened it in CorelDraw.  From there I took all the necesary steps in order to make it a laserable file.  

I then created a circle to represent the moon and adjusted the size to my liking.  It helped to make the circle first on my original file and place it where I wanted to see how it was going to look.  Then I created the same size circle in a different file as I wanted the moon to be orange acrylic in stead of black.

Then to support my piece so it would stand alone I created some triangles that I would later attach to the back of my project.  I put those on the same file as the tree because they will be going on the back of the project and the color did not matter to me.

Step 2: Cutting Your File on the Laser and Attaching All the Pieces Together!

Once your file is set up and looking the way you want it's now time to laser cut them out!  Input the settings according to the charts that can be found around the laser room and double check that everything is where it should be.  Run the job!

Once my items were cut out I had to spray paint the front of my tree and bats black because I could only fine light colored acrylic in the shop.  All I had to do was find some black spray paint and paint my acrylic!  After that I used a Q-tip and my acrylic cement to attach my items together.  First I laid my tree face down and applied a generous amount of cement all along the places my moon would be attaching to.  Then I simply repeated this step for the bats and the triangle supports.

Now you have a fun, spooky decoration for your home!  I will be placing a candle behind mine to cast spooky shadows on my walls!

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    Mohammad MohsenA
    Mohammad MohsenA

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    that's nice.

    please upload your cdr file