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Introduction: Soot Sprite Cellphone Charm

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This adorable and super easy Soot Sprite cellphone charm is made of clay and seed beads. It is really simple, after making one you'll want to make a bunch!

Soot Sprites are little "dustbunny" type creatures, that were created by Studio Ghibli. You can read more about them here: There are pictures of them above too ^

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Step 1: You Will Need:

To make a soot sprite charm, you will need:
• A bunch of black seed beads (I used size 11)
• 2 round white shell beads
• A blob of black clay (I use sculpey,t but I think Polyform would work too)
• About 6" of cord
• A lobster clasp
• 4 jump rings (I like using two oval ones and two circle)

I find a lot of my beading supplies at Walmart, I know everything that you need for a soot sprite is there, though I'm not sure about clay or white beads.

•  2 Shish Kabob sticks
• Wire (about 2 inches)
• Needle-nose pliers
• A toothpick
• Scissors

Step 2: Setting the Beads in the Clay

Take your blob of clay and roll it into a ball. Don't worry too much about getting it spherical, you just want to get those little cracks out.

Start pressing the beads into the clay ball. I like to do this one by one, to make sure there are no large gaps, but you can experiment. Don't forget about the eye beads!

As you push beads in, the ball will squish, so you'll have to keep gently molding it back into a ball. About halfway through, take a break to let the clay cool and become a little harder.

Step 3: Adding the Ring

Once you have all the beads in, you're going to add the jump ring that holds the soot sprite to the loop. Twist one jump ring open.* Add a second jump ring and close.
Now stick one of the jump rings halfway into the soot sprite. There will be nothing holding the jump ring in, so take the tooth pick and put a little bit of clay on the end. Stick the bit of clay inside the jump ring, smoothing it out so that the clay holds it into the sprite.

* Look here on how to open jump rings:

Step 4: Baking

Now you're going to bake the soot sprite. Follow the directions on the clay package. Mine says to bake them for 15 minutes at 275°F. I was little worried about putting the beads in, so I only did it for 12 minutes.

I also didn't want the beads sitting on the pan and melting into a big mess, so I made a little hanger out of wire and shish kabob sticks. To do this, bend a "V" out of wire, and then bend the ends back. (Picture 1) Place the two shish kabob sticks across the rim of a pan, and then slip your soot sprite onto your wire and put the "V" on the shish kabob sticks. (Picture 2)

Step 5: Making the Strap

To make the strap, loop the cord in half with a little more than and inch left over. Then fold the extra cord back towards the bigger loop. Now slip a jump ring onto the cord where all three pieces meet. Squish and fold the jump ring so that it clamps the cord together. Now cut off your extra cord, so that you have a large loop and a little one. (Pic 1)

Open your last jump ring, and slip on the little loop and the lobster clasp. Now just close the jump ring and you have your strap!

The great thing with the lobster clasp, is that you can use the same strap with different charms!

Step 6: Putting It All Together

When your soot sprite is finished baking and cooling, just open the clasp and attach it to the soot sprite. Then just loop the strap onto your cell phone, and voila!

You can also use it on cameras, backpacks, purses, etc!

Enjoy! ^-^

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Really cute--I always thought the soot critters were so charming in Spirited Away (great movie!), I'm glad someone thought how to make them. Had you thought about making them hollow, so they would be lighter? If you build them over an armature of a cornstarch packing peanut, then bake them, and then put them in water to dissolve the cornstarch, you have a hollow, lightweight sphere.

    pie popper
    pie popper

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! =) That's a really good idea, though do you think it might be too fragile? If you built around something really light, that still has structure.... what about like Styrofoam? hmmmm....


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No-no-no-no-NO STYROFOAM! If you heat styrofoam to a temp needed to cure clay, it will release toxic fumes. If you're worried about fragility, make the walls of the sprite a bit thicker for strength. The beauty of the cornstarch peanuts is that you can make them go away, simply by putting them in water. But it's better, I guess, to make your sprites the way you always have. BUT, keep the technique in the back of your mind, because one of these days, it will come in handy.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    now you just need to resist the urge to scream at it

    This is soooo adorable! I really wish I had all the materials right now! I want to make one! :D