Soothing for Sore Muscles & Joint Cream




Introduction: Soothing for Sore Muscles & Joint Cream

This is an incredibly effective hand and body cream that owes it powers to the essential oils within it as well as the Castor Oil and of course the ever so powerful beeswax! This product is very soothing on sore or sprained muscles, joint pain and arthritis. This cream does not smell yucky and does not cause a burning sensation like many traditional muscles rubs or creams. The natural products in it will increase circulation and reduce inflammation which provides greater range of motion and less discomfort.

I hope you enjoy making and using this cream. It is one of my favourites! If you are not up to making it you can purchase it on the Omtoria website.

Thank you honey bees! xoxo

Step 1: Measuring Your Ingredients

All of my recipes are based on percentages so depending on how much you want to make you would you will calculate as follows: For 100ml's of cream, a 40% measurement would be 40ml's. For 200ml's of cream a 40% measurement would be 80%.

Okay, lets get started.

Get two pots (you are going to use the double boiler method - larger pot has water in it which will boil and slightly smaller pot sits inside large pot to gently melt and combine your ingredients).


Organic Coconut Oil 40%

Organic Beeswax 18%

Organic Shea Butter 10%

Organic Sunflower Oil 10%

Castor Oil 22%

Distilled Water 40%

Frankincense Essential Oil at .03% (3 drops for a 100ml recipe)

Peppermint Essential Oil at .01% (2 drops for a 100ml recipe)

Eucalyptus Essential Oil at .01% (2 drops for a 100ml recipe)

Benzion Essential Oil at .03% (3 drops for a 100ml recipe)

Lavender Essential Oil at .1% (6 drops for a 100ml recipe)

Chamomile Essential Oil at .2% (12 drops for a 100ml recipe)

Combine only the first 5 ingredients (do not add the water or essential oils yet).

Step 2: Combine and Slowly Melt

Combine all of your first 5 ingredients and slowly melt and stir them together.

Step 3: Emulsify

Once all of your beeswax and hard butters and oils (coconut oil and shea butter) have melted and combined together. Remove from heat and let cool. You can place your pot our cup into the fridge to speed up the cooling off process.

Step 4: Blend It Together

Using a good and very clean food processor add all of your melted oils, beeswax and butters (which have now fully solidified and hardened) to your food processor.

Slowly blend the cream to soften it ever so slightly.

Very Slowly Add your distilled water and continue to gently blend until you have a nice looking cream.

Add your essential oils (as stated on the ingredient step) and blend together gently.

Step 5: Pipe Into Jars

Scoop mixture into piping bag and pipe your ready to use Joint and Muscle Love Cream into clean and sterilized jars. If you are using clear glass be sure to keep your cream out of direct sunlight. I use black violet jars from Germany that completely block out all U.V. light which acts as a natural preservative.

Step 6: Label and Enjoy!

Put a pretty little label on your jar and use as often as you like!

Thank you to the bees for making this lovely product possible! xoxo

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    2 years ago

    Is it possible to use soya wax for this recipe? I'm making vegan gifts (and some for me as well)

    i hope everyone has been able to enjoy the benefits of this soothing bee loving cream. Now that we are in insect biting season it might be a benefit to know that the essential oils and beeswax in this cream will take the itch out of almost any insect bite! The mosquito and blackfly bites can kiss the itch away with this cream!

    This sounds fabulous! I've got to make some...I've got all the ingredients on hand too--bonus! :) Thank you!

    Yes, it would work. I actually used this for my step father who had his knee replaced a year ago. The pain associated with a knee replacement is pretty intense and this won't ease that type of pain very much. What this cream will do is increase the circulation and reduce inflammation which will give a better range of motion and aid in healing. It will make the stretching and strength portion of the physo a little easier and less uncomfortable. The increased circulation is really important for the healing process. Your mom will experience a slight reduction of pain when she applies this cream but i'm not going to pretend that it is something that it is not. She will still need her prescribed pain killers for the first 3 months or so.

    the trick is to wipe out as much as you can with paper towel and then i wash it normally with very hot and soapy water. I wear rubber dish gloves as the water is pretty hot that i use to wash it with.

    Thanks my mom, she recently had a knee replacement, will this be good for her?

    well, I hope you enjoy it gluvit. It is a favorite of our local womens baseball team! It has been helping me with a sprained achilles tendon the last few weeks.

    We have a special Fathers Day Contest on our facebook page and the prize includes this great cream as well as our mens face gel and our cedarwood scented Silky Hands Cream. Enter the contest and you or your special guy might just be the winner!

    Excellent job, but if your going to share your recipe at least give a recipe that people don't have to try to figure it out. When I share my recipes I give it in cups and grams. Thank you for sharing.


    4 years ago

    Thank you so very much for sharing your recipe. I found it an extraordinarily kind act since you make this product to sell and support yourself. (I went to your site. Am impressed with your vast skin cleansing and moisturizing assortment!)

    1 reply

    Thanks for the kind words Bued. I have learned much and benefited much from the kindness and generosity of others and I believe that it is most important to give back.

    Where do you order your black violet jars from?

    1 reply

    Hi Keglarek,

    I order them Miron Violet Glass which is based in the Netherlands and they ship from their warehouse in Germany.