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Introduction: Sophisticated S'mores

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No campfire?  No problem!  Create these crisp, open-faced tortilla gems in your oven with very little effort...  and no sticky fingers for you or your guests.

Sophisticated S'mores was inspired by a failed Mexican Brunch recipe-experiment I was attempting to instructable-ize.  One thing led to another and the surprising end result is a delicious, lighter, more sumptuous version of traditional S'mores.  

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Step 1: Ingredients You'll Need:

For 16 S'mores:

2- WHOLE GRAIN Tortillas*
1- 7 oz  container of Marshmallow Creme
3/4 Cup Chocolate Chips (approx.) 
Sliced Almonds
1/2 Cup Cinnamon Sugar (approx.)
Magic Shell Quick-Freeze Chocolate Sauce***

 * DENY THE TEMPTATION to use White or Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas. The texture of the WHOLE GRAIN Tortillas is entirely different and once baked, they recreate the crunchy texture of graham crackers used in traditional S'mores. USE THEM.  Plus... AFTER they're baked, they freeze beautifully for future use!

** DENY THE TEMPTATION to use an Aerosol Butter-flavored Spray.  ICBITNB Spray is NON-Aerosol and has a unique texture.  USE IT FOR THIS RECIPE.  I am a total Butter Snob when it comes to cooking and eating, but I always keep this Spray in my refrigerator.  It tastes fantastic on fresh vegetables like green beans and corn-on-the-cob, so trust me when I tell you it won't go to waste. You may even become a "convert" like me. ;-)

*** Regular Chocolate Syrup would be way too messy and it will not "set" properly.

P.S. (I'll be using CAPS occasionally throughout this Instructable. Not because I'm yelling, but strictly for emphasis. Thanks for bearing with me. ;-)

Step 2: Prepare the Cinnamon-Sugar Tortilla Chips

PREHEAT your Oven to 350 degrees.

Save yourself clean-up time by prepping your Cinnamon-Sugar Tortilla Chips in your Kitchen sink. For the remainder of this Instructable, I'm going to save myself some typing and just call them "T-Chips".

Put one Tortilla on a plate and spray generously with the ICBINB. About 8-10 quick sprays on one side. Then generously sprinkle on some Cinnamon Sugar.  Flip it over and repeat the process.  Place the next Tortilla on top of it and spray/sprinkle again. t

Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter, cut the stack in half, then in quarters, then in 1/8th chips.

You'll have a total of 16 T-Chips that fit will neatly on a single Cookie Sheet, so like Nike said, "Just Do It." ;-D

Hint: Lining the Cookie Sheet with aluminum Foil will also save clean-up time, but it's not neccessary.  If you do use aluminum foil  ( for any cooking) make sure the dull side is facing outward so the heat is absorbed, not reflected. At least that's what I was taught at my very first job wrapping Baked Potatos for a 4-Star Restaurant ;-).

Bake the T-Chips in your preheated oven  for 8-12 minutes, or until lightly toasted and crispy. This is the most critical step of this entire recipe.  We all know that oven temps vary, so keep a close eye on them!  You want crispy, but not burnt or over-cooked.

Remove from the oven when done and transfer to a cool surface. (I just used my cutting board.)  When the Cookie Sheet is cool-to-the-touch, put your the T-Chips back onto it and place in the freezer for 10-15-60 minutes or until super-cold.  "Frozen" is good, too. ;-)

Step 3: The Big Chill... With One Exception:

You are totally DONE with your oven. Turn it off and leave it off as long as you're assembling the Sophisticated S'mores.


Keeping most of the ingredients as cold as possible will result in a prettier, puffier s'more.


Baked T-Chips
Sliced Almonds


Marshmallow Creme
Chocolate Chips 

DO NOT FREEZE OR REFRIGERATE the Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce. It MUST BE KEPT AT ROOM TEMPERATURE until it's drizzled on the S'mores.

Speaking of the Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce: The pour spout is pretty large, so it doesn't give you a lot of control.  I shook it well (as directed on the bottle) and transferred it to a different squeeze bottle with a tinier spout, as pictured above. 

Step 4: Add Marshmallow Topping

Scoop the entire 7 oz container of Marshmallow Creme into a Baggie and snip a mere 1/8" off the corner.  (If you own a Pastry Bag, you already know what to do.)

Remove the pre-baked T-Chips from the Freezer and begin the next assembly process:

One at a time, squeeze the Marshmallow Creme onto the T-Chips.

Work as quickly as you can... (but don't have a nervous breakdown, for cryin' out loud! ;-)

Place the Marshmallow Creme-covered T-Chips back onto the cookie sheet as soon as each one is assembled... then put them back into the freezer for 20-30 minutes. 

Step 5: Work Quickly!

Remove the Marshmallow Creme-covered T-Chips from the freezer.

Remove the frozen Almond slices from the freezer and manually dive/stack them (artfully?) into the frozen Marshmallow Creme. Just "laying" them on top works fine, but for the sake of "pretty", you want to stack them to create a 3-D Texture.

Drizzle the top of the S'mores with the room-temperature, well-shaken Chocolate Magic Shell.

Put these almost-S'mores back on the cookie sheet as each one is assembled and then back in the freezer for another 10 minutes or longer. You can leave them in the freezer for hours at this stage. Even overnight.... lol... for a  week or longer if they're stored in an airtight container.

The next step is to add the Chocolate Chips. 3, 4, or 5 per T-Chip is plenty, but if you want more, have at it! ;-)   

HOWEVER,  once the Chocolate Chips have been added , YOU CANNOT FREEZE the S'mores again. 

They will do very nicely (and need to be) refrigerated until you're ready to serve them. 

Step 6: Dessert Is Served...

I originally named this creation "Open-faced Almond Tortilla S'mores" but that was such a mouthful.

When I served them to my husband (aka: Beloved Guinea Pig) with Coconut Cream Gelato (as pictured), he teasingly said "MY... aren't WE getting sophisticated!?!".

lol... the name "Sophisticated S'mores" sounded easier... so it stuck.

Thanks for viewing my Instructable... Please enjoy !!! 

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    6 years ago on Step 6

    very nice instructable gotta try this ! thanks!


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    Thanks so much, locowoman! :-)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Now I know how to make tortilla chips. And BTW, that lead photo is gorgeous.