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Introduction: Sorceress With Skull Mask and Horns

About: I'm an indie game developer who enjoys making costumes, comics and cupcakes. I like video and board games, halloween, and laser dolphins.

A few days before Devil's Night, I decided I needed a(nother) costume! So I decided to put together a witch-sorceress-demon thing. The goal was to make a costume out of supplies I already had in the house, and I wanted to make something out of paper-mâché, since it had been *years* since I had worked with the stuff.

I sketched out my initial design, then got to work. Instead of having to apply makeup and fake nails on the night I was going out, I glued nails to nylon gloves and dripped black paint over the hands. For the mask, I drew out the top and side of a skull on my computer, printed it, then made a rough cardboard pattern that I duct-taped and hot-glued together. I paper-mâchéd the skull, sped up the dryer process with a fan, spray-painted it and then used acrylics to paint in some details. For the horns I cut six horn shapes out of foam, hot-glued them together and shaved down the sides with scissors. I used a wood-burning tool to cut details into the foam, then spray-painted the horns black. I cut a slit into the base of both horns and passed a plastic headband through the openings before gluing them to the band. The dress was made from cheap broadcloth using an old medieval dress pattern I had - I improvised on the sleeves. I tattered the ends up a little bit with a cheese-grater, and sprayed water-down acrylics at the ends of the sleeves and bottom of the dress. I back-combed and hair-sprayed the heck out of my hair, wore black contacts and some red eye-makeup, and made people feel a bit uneasy all night.

There was a lot of rain that night, BUT my mask held up surprisingly well - must have been the coats of Mod Podge.



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    Your costume is amazing! I was wondering where you found those nylon gloves you're talking about...

    2 replies

    Ebay! The seller I bought them from is no longer active, but if you do a search for 'nylon gloves' you'll find some.

    Thank you! I've been searching for it on the web but I didn't find anything as transparent as yours... I'll search better C: Thank you again

    Just a few evenings - I didn't have much time!

    I cut two slits on either side of the back that I slid two ribbons through and secured. Then I just tied it around my head! An elastic would work as well.

    Damn, almost looks like the Skull Wizards from the game Hexen II, and thats pretty awesome. I'll maybe try do a mask for myself, but I'll probably make the horns a little smaller :)

    Great costume, both as witch as well as skull-witch. Did you draw the whole skull pattern yourself?

    I like how it actually looks authentic, meaning like a skull taken from some beast. And I actually prefer it without the horns.

    Am I right that you cannot see very well with the skull on?

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    The initial paper pattern I drew on the computer, using a goat skull as reference (and then when I was painting I used the paper pattern as reference!).

    I can see all around me, just not straight ahead of me. So while walking I generally moved slowly and held my arms out in front of me (partly for creepiness, partly for sight-guidance!)