Headless Man Costume

Introduction: Headless Man Costume

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This year for Halloween, I made my own costume. I did not ruin or cut any clothes. What you will need is a towel, some cardboard, some football pads (I have weird ones), lots of tape, a plastic jar that can fit your head (not needed, but recommended.) , a few sheets of paper, knife or scissors, and a coat that is to big for you. Here is how to make it.

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Step 1: Neck

Trace the shape of your neck onto your cardboard twice. Cut those shapes out. Cut halfway from the bottom of one, and halfway from the top at the other and push them together.

*Thanks to this tutorial, I used this to make my neck*

Step 2: Top and Bottom

Trace a circle around both side of your neck, cut them out, and tape them to your neck.

Step 3: Guide Lines

Take your paper, tear it in half, and crumple it up. Put your paper about halfway up your neck. Then, take your tape, and tape it around all the paper balls so that they stay. This will be one guide. Then, go almost to the very bottom and do it again, this time without tearing the paper in half.

Step 4: Fill

Then take your tape and tape it frome top to bottom using the guides. Do this all the way around, and don't worry if there are little gaps.

Step 5: Top Layer

When you are done doing that, taape from left to right slowl going down the neck. Do this until the bottom.

Step 6: Color

Color the outside of your neck skin-colored and the top bloody. If you want to make scratches and fake wounds, you can. (I skipped this step)

Step 7: Attachment

When you are done with this, tape your 'neck' to the back of your pads. This may take some experimenting in front of the mirror.

Step 8: Bulk

Now, for the 'headless man' to look like he is standing up straight, you need some bulk around your shoulders, so take your towel, roll it up, and put it around your real neck. Then, put your football pads on the towel to keep the towel there.

Step 9: Jacket

Now put your jacket on around your cardboard neck. Button the top button above your head, skip a button, put your real neck through that one, and button the rest. Also make sure you pull your pants up high.

Step 10: Jar

Cut a hole in the bottom of the jar and put your head through. Now hold the jar.

Step 11: Finishing Touches

If you want, you can make the bottom of your head bloody, like it got severed and you are holding it. You can also color dark around you eyes to make it seem a bit more rotted.

Step 12: Done!

Now you can go creep out all your friends!

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