Sorta Sangria, Sangria in a Glass

Introduction: Sorta Sangria, Sangria in a Glass

It's high summer in Melbourne and (some of) the nights are warm. I wanted a refreshing hot weather drink, I had half a bottle of red wine.
I Googled sangria recipes and there was nothing that was simple enough for me. So I don't thinki I can call this a real sangria recipe, but it's a delicious drink.

Step 1: Ingredients, Equipment, Recipe

I had the red wine and a little rum from christmas there was ice in the fridge and an apple in the fruit bowl. I went around the corner and bought some lemonade and orange juice.

So that's it

Red Wine
Orange juice
Diced Apple

The first 3 ingredients in whatever proportion. lots of ice a splash of rum and some diced apple. I use the ikea champagne glasses.

Step 2: Sorta Sangria

Here it is, delicious. My friend Fi came over and I used more orange juice - it's like an upside down tequila sunrise. 



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    3 Discussions

    what a great idea - when it gets warmer I will certainly do that

    I have an actual Sangria recipe, I'll make an instructable if you like. It's pretty simple