Soul Eater- Death the Kid Beanie

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After watching Soul Eater and laughing at all of Death the Kid's rage fit, pity crys I just had to make this hat. For someone who loves symmetry Kid is asymmetrical himself with only three stripes on one side of his hair and not the other. (>_<) 

Step 1: Soul Eater- Death the Kid Beanie

I used this pattern for the top the hat andI stoped after the fourth round. Be sure to slip stitch to join on every round.

Step 2: Soul Eater- Death the Kid Beanie

I started another round by chaining two and double crocheting in each stitch around in black. I marked where the half way mark was on the other side. Then I crocheted in black until that point and yarn over and started to double crochet the rest in white. This is the first strip of Kid's hair. The next row is worked in black all the way around. Then I repeated this for the rest of the strips.
1: round of half white and black
2:round of all black
3:round of half white and black
4:round of all black
5:round of half white and black
6:round of all black

Once I was on the last row I slip stitch to join, cut a tail , and weaved in the ends and was done !!!



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    2 years ago

    I wish he was real ??????


    3 years ago

    i want death the kid's hat!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks great! I have a friend who loves Death the Kid. I'll have to show this to her.

    1 reply