Loud and Awesome Sound-effects on Arduino

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This is a simple 3 component device that amplifies the sound Arduino can produce roughly by a factor of 10!

Basically the way it works is as follows:

A pin on the Arduino is oscillating (turning on and off) thus creating a sound with a particular frequency. The signal from this pin is connected to the base of the BD135 transistor which is powered by a 9V battery. The amplification is in the order of 10- 20 (500mA X 9V vs 50mA X 5V) but to spare your battery and obtain an enjoyable volume the circuit works better with a 10K variable resistor on the base of the BD 135.

Component list:

•Arduino Uno

•400pts Breadboard

•Jumper Wire

•9V Battery

•10K Variable Resistor

•BD 135 Transistor

Thats about it, your turn to build it!!

p.s: free download of schematic and pdf handout available here: http://robotix.com.au/tutorials2.html

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Thanks for sharing this.

    If you uploaded those files here on site, people would appreciate that. :)

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