Sound Portrait

Introduction: Sound Portrait

My room was a boring place so I decided to add some color with sounds.

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Step 1: Bulding the Amplifier

So Start to make the amp. <{!!! INSTRUCTIONS ON PICTURES !!!}>

Step 2: Test Amplifier With Trusted Home Theatre System Speakers

I know video wasn't perfect I only want you to concentrate the sound.

Step 3: Add Speakers and Building Speaker Housing

Start with plain wood, then draw circles ( just smaller than speakers ) with compass. Later that glue speakers in place, use nuts and bolts if necessary.

Step 4: Paint Job

Then mask everything and paint it. Be creative on that.

P.S. > I'm terrible at painting stuff however I think that  it was also good for me.   :)

Step 5: Finish It Up and Make Final Connections

This is the end of another project I liked it ; because it gives beautiful effect in my room I hope you like it too so write in comments what you think about it


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