Sound Reactive Strip Led





Introduction: Sound Reactive Strip Led

Hello,in this instructables I will show you how to control a led strip with music!. I put this led strip in my room,near my Playstation 4 and my speakers, so I created also an amazing illuminated gaming station. This led strip reacte when there is music,or simply a sound. In fact I use it also when I play videogames:while I'm shooting in a action videogames, the leds reacte and the result is amazing. In the final step there is a link that show the final result. Check the next steps!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

- LED strip

-Arduino uno

- sound module


- 9v battery/powerbank

- some wires

-adaptor to power the strip

Step 2: Wiring

Sorry for the quality of the image ,but I had many problems with the fritzing sketch. There is a file attached in this step so you can download the sketch for a better quality of the scheme. In the sketch I idn't find a sound sensor so I took a casual sensor that rappresent the module.

Sound sensor:

The first pin is the signal: S>digital pin 7

The second pin is the voltage: V> 5v pin

The third is the ground: G> gnd pin

Step 3: The Code

#define LEDstrip 9

void setup()

{ pinMode(7,INPUT);

pinMode(LEDstrip, OUTPUT);


.void loop()

{ boolean soundstate = digitalRead(7);

if (soundstate == 1) {

analogWrite(LEDstrip, 255);




analogWrite(LEDstrip,0); }


Step 4: Turn Up the Speakers!!!

The project is finish!!! In only 4 steps I show you how to make a " disco" in your room with "disco light". Now you have almost finish....the only thing you need to do is...TURN UP THE SPEAKERS AND DANCE!

I hope you liked this project,comment and see you next time!

Here there is the link for the final result:



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    7 Discussions

    please make for rgb leds one...

    and dont put the extra info IN THE REPLY`S.

    then do nothing.

    make the IBLE better and put it in there.!

    1 reply

    thanks for the criticism , I will improve myself about making instructables

    verry bad IBLE, sorry

    its a nice one if you realy took time and efford,you clearly see this is a quicky, of a already working build.

    sorry friend,but we al must help eachoter,so dont take it to hard and do your magic


    1 year ago

    where should the power plug go and where should I hook up the relay? could you please send me some close up pictures of your setup

    Could you be more specific than "Sound module"? That's not very helpful. And is that a solid state relay or mechanical?

    1 reply

    Ehy I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Here there is a link that show you the sound sensor and rele on amazon so you can understand better what tipe of sensor are. RELE: