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Step 1: This Is What You Need

1x arduino
1x microservo
1x potentiometer
4x leds
4x 100 ohm resister

Step 2: Wiring

Above is the wiring visible.

Step 3: Coding

Here's the code. Check your wiring and the pins used in the code.

Step 4: The Case: Box

The case is fairly simple. The box contains the LEDs, the buzzer and the arduino. I used a PCB for the the LEDs and the buzzer. In my case I used an old phone case.

Step 5: The Case: Base

The base contains the servo and potentiometer.

Step 6: Elektronica, Assemble!

I used a cable to power the arduino. Make a small hole in the back for wires from the potentiometer and the servo.

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