Introduction: NoisyNeighborhood

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SoundCount allows users to analyze noise pollution by location and time of day.

This hardward device captures and analyzes noise pollution with WiFi and GPS enabled devices. This project uses Intel Edison board, an Lcd Display, GPS, and noise sensor.

Collected data is sent to Intel IoT Analytics to view and analyze time series data. Data is also captured and sent to an Elasticearch cluster with geo location information. This allows individuals to capture noise pollution information through out the day.

Step 1: Get the Intel Edison Running!

You need to follow the instructions very carefully at:

Be patient and follow the getting started guides.

Step 2: Assemble the Project

I'm using the Grove Starter Kit. The parts used are:

1) Grove shield

2) LCD display

3) Sound sensor (aka Mic)

Step 3: Setup the Intel IoT Analytics Page

Step 4: Code

Finally, you need to write code to read from the sensor and push to the analytics service.

If you have questions or need help you can contact me.

Good luck!

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    Juan C.C
    Juan C.C

    4 years ago

    Could you please help me to write the code ?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Could you please help me to write the code for pushing data to cloud?