Soundation Studio - How to Temporarily Rename Blue Channels

Tutorial By: Wally

Follow these steps to rename channels in the chrome studio.

Note: The names do not save

Step 1: Browser

Make Sure you're using Chrome, as you can only do this in the Chrome Studio.

Step 2: Renaming

First you must press " CRTL + Shift + i ",

Click the icon shown above,

Then click the text of the channel you want to rename. [it should get highlighted]

Example, if i wanted to rename then GM-2 channel i would click directly on the text "GM-2"

Step 3: Changing the Text

Change the text that says the instrument name. You can change it by double clicking it.

it should look something like this:


< span class="main-label">Simple Synth< /span >


< span class="main-label">Changed< /span >

Step 4: Done.

Unfortunately you cannot save the new names but, i may still help.

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