Soundproofing a Wall



Introduction: Soundproofing a Wall

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Whether you paint it and leave it in a box tape look form, it still looks very nice and the more bubble wrap you use, the more it absorbs the sounds.

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Step 1: Instead of a Brick Wall Effect, You Can Also Be More Daring

Instead of sticking chunks of bubble wrap against the wall on which you have stuck double sided tape, you can also opt for doing this in the form of something and in this instance the huge face was done in the same manner. It also soundproofs the wall and having added even columns to our office (roll of thin cardboard in which I threw leftover bubble wrap from previous decorations or whatever you can find) by also doing the same to them.

Step 2: Sticking Bubble Wrap Against the Wall

Simply stick double sided tape against the wall and then press chunks of bubble wrap (in this case the form of stone shapes) and then tape it close with box tape.

Step 3: Soundproofing That Room Whether It Be Walls, Columns Etc

Once you have finished taping the bubble wrap and covered it with box tape, you can simply just paint it with an ordinary pva paint. I colour washed with with diff colours to get a soap stone effect. Easy as pie and the most effective and cheapest way of soundproofing a room!

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