Sour Candy Prank

Introduction: Sour Candy Prank

The Sour Candy Prank!

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Step 1: Items That You'll Need.

First, get these items shown in the picture.
These items are also listed below.

-A couple of Warheads.
-Ziploc (Bag)
-Table to place finished project on.

Step 2: Set-Up

Once you've got the items listed in step one, you're ready for this next step.

Unwrap all of the Warhead candies, and place them all in the Ziploc bag.

Then, close the Ziploc bag.

Step 3: Keep Your Area Tidy!

Make sure you throw away all of your trash, and don't litter.

Step 4: Placement

Now that you've got all that done, make sure that you have the bag closed and you have a victim that you want to get.

I reccomend that you place your baggie in places such as -
-Living room

These are just examples on where to put it, but you can put it wherever you like.

Make sure that wherever you put it it looks natural, don't make it look like it was set-up.

Step 5: Victim Taking the Bait

Now, just wait until the victim takes it, and eats it!

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    inventor scout
    inventor scout

    5 years ago

    Put it in a bowl mixed with other candies. If it's in a bowl, it doesn't look like medicine, and people know it's okay to eat it.