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Introduction: Sour Watermelon Chips

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I was trying to think of a semi-healthy Valentine snack for my kids to enjoy, since I knew the rest of their day would be filled with cakes, cookies, chocolates, & an assortment of candies. I decided I would cut out some fun heart shaped slices of watermelon. Then I began to have flashes of sticky, drippy, fingers everywhere....hmmm if only we could have our watermelon and a clean face too. BINGO! Dehydrated watermelon slices! All the fun with none of the mess & super easy! 

*NOTE: I originally made these watermelon chips plan, however I wasn't satisfied with the flavor. (overly sweet) So I decided to take them up a notch & added a sour note with some citric acid. I prefer the sour version, but keep in mind the citric acid is NOT a necessity.

sweet seedless watermelon
desired cookie cutter shapes
sharp melon knife
parchment paper
*citric acid
Dehydrator, or Oven

1. Cut watermelon into 1/4" thick slices
2. Arrange & stamp out the desired shapes with the cookie cutters. 
3. Place the slices onto a parchment lined pan or rack.
4. OPTIONAL: sprinkle citric acid onto both sides of the slices. 
5. Place rack or pan into a 150* oven or dehydrator for 8-10 hrs (If on a pan they may need to be turned over after half the time)
6. Once they are dry, crisp, and can be easily removed they are done!
7. Remove from parchment paper & store or eat immediately!

Serving: You can either eat them plan, top them with whip cream, or make a simple fruit dip like this one...

1 small container of cool whip
1 box of fruity jello
1 package of cream cheese

Whip them all together until smooth with an electric mixer. 



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    6 Discussions

    Wow, a 'natural' substitute for the everpresent sour patch kids.....I think even my youngest (the picky one) will love these.

    Thanks for sharing

    Thanks EVERYONE! It's always fun to play with dehydration! :)

    One word that best describes this is "YUMMY!!!!!!!"