Southern Garden




Rock Terrace:  The side of the driveway was difficult to mow, so we used several pallets of rocks to make a garden.  My advice is to use gloves: I wore off my fingerprints.  It's really difficult to pick things up without fingerprints, but they grow back eventually.  My wife is a wonderful gardener as can be seen from her healthy plants!

Conservatory:  We found old windows being thrown out, so we decided to make a conservatory.  The base was made of scrap wood and the legs are bedposts from a little girls bed we found on the side of the road.

Feather Weather vane:  Very loosely based on a weather vane we saw in a museum in Williamsburg, Va.  I made it from some copper flashing and soldered it to 1/2" copper pipe.  I was going to spray it for a green patina, but my wife said she'd like it to naturally age.  She even had me burn holes in it to make it look older.  I Just recently added the N,S,E, and W using mashed copper tubing.



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