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Introduction: Souvenirs Envelope Book

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An envelope book in order to keep all the little souvenirs of the year.

Step 1: Choice of the Theme (here Guardian Angels)

I discover that a guardian angel belongs to each month of the year, perfect theme for the new year.

12 envelopes 9 cm x 14 cm, I printed each with its monthly angel.

The camel color envelopes highlights old paintings and liturgical icons.

Cut the paper that exceeds from the flap of each envelope.

Step 2: The Spine

Make an accordion in drawing paper.

Height = envelopes height
Width = 1.5 cm per fold
Number of accordion = number of envelopes + 1

Step 3: Page Assembly

Glue the back of the envelope on the right side of the accordion.

The accordion is not glued to leave place for the envelopes to be filled.

Step 4: The Cover

Cut 2 covers in cardboard, envelope size + 4mm in width and height.
Decorate as desired. I glued black fabric on the cardboard and with my Silhouette I made a stencil to apply gold paint.

Step 5: Spine Assembly

Glue 3 pieces of ribbon on the first accordion.
Glue loosely the other ends on the last accordion (I left 2 cm for the spine).

Warning : the ribbons are not glued on the spine and they must have the same length.

Step 6: Page & Cover Assembly

Glue the first accordion and ribbons on a cover.
Do the same with the other cover.

Step 7: Finishes

Cut 2 pieces of card stock (same size as the envelopes) to make end papers (and hide the assembling of the book).
(Your souvenirs under the protection of the guardian angels – Merry Christmas and Happy new year) – (Done with my hands from the bottom of my heart)

I wish you a very good year.
May this book being filled only with good souvenirs!

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24 Discussions

I have a box of coin envelopes somewhere. I think it would be perfect to make a small version of this--pocket sized. I also want to make one out of bigger envelopes for each of the girls. It would also make a great gift for a child just starting kindergarten. There can be one envelope for each year of school. The child would have to pick just the right mementos for each year of school.

lovely liked that

I'm a scrapbooker. What a great idea! I definitely need to make one of these! Nicely done.

1 reply

I like how you did the binding of the book - very elegant with the fan folds and the envelopes for pages. With larger envelopes and covers then each month would be able to hold more - like pages from a child's school work.

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I made this one for a friend who likes mini-books. If my children were still young, I would have surely made a big to keep all their little drawings ;-)