Soviet/Army Person

Introduction: Soviet/Army Person

About: I'm an awesome kid who likes star wars and legos!!! (oh yeah and taking electronics apart and messing with them!!!!!)Star Trek is epic! (Above, me as a Borg drone)

Here's my costume for a Halloween about 2 years ago!!!
But I updated it a bit!
So hope you like it!
P.P.S Sorry if some photos are bad, I Did my best to find a good camera.

Step 1: What You Need

O.K. So, you need........
1. A greenish/army like Drench Coat of any kind
2. A belt of any kind (as long as it can fit over the drench coat)
3. A fake beard/mustache of any kind (optional)
4. A fake/real soviet/army hat (mine was real)
5. A fake gun (I used a Nerf gun)
6. A fake sword (and mabey a sheath)(optional)
(7. I didn't use this but you could use a cap gun and a holster)

Step 2: So.... Lets Get Started

Now put the drench coat on and zip/button it.

Step 3: Now We Get to the Props.......

1. Now put on the belt and tighten it.
2. And also put the holster and gun (If you want. Like I said I didn't do that.) on whatever side is comfotable to you.
3. And now you put the sword on the opposite side of the gun and holster.

Step 4: Now for Some More Props......

Now for the fake beard/mustache.........

Step 5: Now for the Most Important Part.........

Time For The Hat!!!

Step 6: Now for the GUN!!!!!

Now we get to the gun!


Now your ready to roam the streets and DEMAND candy!!!



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    Be careful around the children and elderly with that one! lol