Soy and Whey Free Protein Shake

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Step 1: Basic Nutrition Info

Egg White Protein by Jay Robb per serving:
Calories- 120
Protein- 24g
Potassium- 350mg

Medium banana:
Calories- 105
Protein- 1.3g
Potassium- 422mg

1 medium strawberry:
Calories- 4
Protein- 0.1g
Potassium- 18mg

Almond milk per serving:
Calories- 80
Protein- 1g
Potassium- 180mg

Step 2: Gather Supplies

Items needed:

•Egg White Protein By Jay Robb (Myself personally, I'm allergic to soy/whey products, and Jay Robb does not contain any of these. You can pick some up at your local GNC or shop online)

•4 Strawberries (Depending on your preference, and the size of the strawberry)

•1 Medium banana

•Almond milk or Rice milk (The point of using these is they're healthier than real milk, and contain no soy/whey. We suggest Almond milk as there's hardly any nutrition in rice milk)

Feel free to add more fruits if you desire, obviously the more fruits you add the more nutrition

Step 3: Put Your Fruits in the Blender

Step 4: Add Your Almond Milk

4 ounces should do for a cup depending on the taste or how much you want to make

Step 5: Add the Protein Powder

Fill the measuring cup thats included in the package

Step 6: Mix Everything

Until you get the consistency you'd like

Step 7: Thats All Folks!

A healthy and delicious strawberry and banana protein shake

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