How to Make Soy Candles

Introduction: How to Make Soy Candles


Making Soy Candles -

10 pound bag of soy flakes....(10 pounds last me all year. I only use a few pounds each time I make a batch of candles.)
Oils to scent the candles (*I used Apple Cinnamon,Sandalwood and coffee)
Wick sticks or glue gun to secure the wicks to the bottom of the jars.
Molds or jars
Pencils or clothes pins to keep wicks straight
Double boiler system *I use an old pot and a old tin coffee pot I used to use for camping.
Newspaper (easy clean up)
Dye chips **if you want another color beside white
Plastic spoon

***I Bought the oils and Soy flakes off of eBay.

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Step 1: Setting Up the Candle Station

I lay down newspaper and then put my candle making supplies on top.
The Newspaper helps with an easy clean up.

Step 2: Adding Wicks

Before I melted the soy flakes I set up all of my molds and wicks.
Using wick sticks I attached the wick to the bottom of the glass.
I Usually leave the wicks long until the candle cools then I cut them to the candles size.
I also laid out newspaper to help with an easy clean up once my molds are set.

**I am using a bumpy candle mold, a few old candle jars with lids, a few masonry jars, 4 floating candle metal molds and 4 votive molds. I usually collect jars and containers throughout the year, when I have a large stash I make a batch of candles. We use the candles throughout the year and even give some as gifts.

Step 3: Melting Soy Flakes

Fill pot half way with water and set it on medium heat.
Fill other pot with soy flakes.
Place in pot of water on stove.
Melt soy chips and stir until all flakes have melted. Temperature should be between 120-140 degrees

Step 4: Adding Dye Chips & Oil

Once the flakes have melted I add a few dye chips and scented oil to the melted mixture.
Stir well for 5 mins until it is dissolved

Step 5: Pouring Candles and Setting Wicks

Once the soy flakes have been melted and mixed I pour them into the molds/containers.
After the Soy flakes have been poured into the molds I adjust the wicks and use pencils and clothes pins to keep the wicks straight.

Step 6: Cooling Candles

I let the Candles Cool on the table for a few hours.

Step 7: Removing Candles From Molds

Once the candles have completely cooled and hardened I remove the clothes pins and cut the wicks to fit the candle size. The candles that I had poured into the mason jars and containers I just set to the side. Next, I remove the candles from the molds and clean up the rest of the newspaper.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

To really make my candles stand out I like to add twine to my masonry jars.

Some other things you can add to the containers are fabric, twine, fresh or dried herbs and flowers, little trinkets or a lid.

Step 9: Wrapping a Masonary Jar in Fabric

I use Scrap Fabric to Wrap one of my candles. I cut it into a square and bring it up and around the jar. I add twine to tie it at the top of the jar. Next I pull at the fabric from the top until it is even all the way around. After that I tie the twine into a stronger knot.

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