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Introduction: Soy Ragù

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Hello!! I present you my second instructable, the first one was a Curry made of tofu (Tofu Curry), and I really liked to share my recipe so I decided to keep on sharing some of them and hope that you like them! I try to make healthy and easy to make recipes. Since I am an sportsman i need to really count on what I eat, and many times I don´t have much time or energy to spend time cooking... Thats why I try to make my meals as easy as possible.

I am not 100% vegan, but during the years i met a lot of people who defended the vegan life style, arguing that they feel much better and they defend the animal rights. So slowly I have been decreasing my meat intake.

Total time will take you:

- Preparing the ingredients 15 min

- Cooking time 40min (25 of them stirring from time to time while it boils, as last step)

This recipe will give you 5/6 servings

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Step 1: Ingredients

This is the list of ingredients you will need to prepare this recipe:

    1. 200gr of soy flakes dehydrated
    2. 2 carrots
    3. 1/2 big onion
    4. 1 garlic clove
    5. 3/4 of a celery
    6. Ground nutmeg
    7. Pepper
    8. Salt
    9. Rosemary
    10. Sage
    11. 700ml tomato sauce
    12. 100ml white wine
    13. Olive oil

    And the kitchen tools we will need:

    1. Plates
    2. Cutting board
    3. Sharp knives
    4. Grater
    5. Mixer
    6. Medium sized cooking pot and wooden spoon

    Step 2: Put Soy Flakes Into Water

    As simple as it sounds, just put the soy flakes in to the water to hydrate them. We will put more or less 2l of water, add more if you need to, and we will let it sit for around 30mins. After we will put them into a strainer to take off the remaining water.

    Meanwhile we start chopping the vegetables.

    Step 3: Chop the Vegetables

    We start with half of the big onion and with the clove of garlic, we can put them aside together.

    Then we grate the carrot, then celery, we will cut in small pieces.

    Now we are ready to go to the stove!

    Step 4: Start Cooking

    We start by putting some olive oil into the pot, at medium-high fire. We drop in the onion and garlic and we let them get a slightly brown colour.

    Then put the celery and the carrot, and we also add all the spices combined, and we let it cook for about 5min. Then we use the mixer to make the celery pieces a little smaller. If you really made small pieces while chopping it, you can avoid this step.

    As last we will pour in the white wine and we will let it reduce for few min.

    Step 5: Final Step!

    As a final step we put into the pot and we let it cook for couple min at medium high fire.

    We reduce the fire to medium and we pour in the tomato sauce, we let it boil and reduce for about 25min, stirring from time to time. And we are done!

    Now you just have to make your favourite pasta and put some Soy Ragù into it!

    I hope you enjoyed this instructable and you will try to make it home!!

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