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Introduction: Spa Acrylic Equipment

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Hi. first Again sorry about the language if you think i can use another word for a better explanation let me know.

In January i make some stuff for a Spa a nail polish display, a hair brush display and a small tool car.

in the next steps i explain 1 by 1

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Step 1: Hair Brush Display

if you want to change the size of the holes or something else in the design yo can make it.

the design comes in 2 sizes, 4 and 8 hair brushes and its made in 3mm acrylic you only need to cut and fold the acrilic, the half circles are the mark
the acrylic bender used is one like the photo but 1m long

Step 2: Nail Polish Dysplay

sorry the picture, i forgot to take on time so i take wen i leave

First wen you need to fold acrylic yo need to think which of the folds need to be made first, some times te fold you want to do can not be fold because the other folds block the way, and use anithing you got near for hold the parts, if the acrylic have a big size its really a mess fold it, some times it get curved so put above a lot of stuff and use quick grips for let firm all the piece and use rules for let the angle you want,

this again 3mm acrylic easy to fold, 4 folds in the big piece and one fold for each tray
fold all the trays inside the big piece and add some acrylic glue

good luck

Step 3: Tool Car

I made this between december and juanary near Christmas and new year so a lot of things happend (all the stores closed not enought material etc.)

i use 1" chrome spacers inside a 1" stainless tube
i need to cut the spacers and make the screw bar pass through and make the spacer fit inside the tube so i mount in a drill and use 2 bastard files for reduce the body of the spacer.

the acrilic used was 6 mm and fold with the same bender than the displays and glue with ad-cryl a solvend glue,

for the wheels the screw were cut at the limit of the nut and align the screw heads for a better view,(i buy the wheels and fastener in home depot)

for the drawers was used 3mm Acrylic and are made from 1 piece with folds
and for the drawer slide was used 6mm acrylic and ad-cryl glue

for the side bags was used 3 mm acrylic fold with the same bender and a acrylic bender pincers a heat gun made the work too

for polish novus 2 and then novus 1

good luck

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