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Introduction: Space Dress

This is a guide on how to make a space-themed dress. It's cheap and variable for your individual needs.*

I made this for a "....... in Space!" themed party. I was Space in Space, so I made this as a sort of party dress!
The techniques involved in making it are extremely easy to catch on to, and I'm sure you will know most already, if not all. Good luck!

*I used a dress, but you could mod this Instructable to fit individual clothing pieces as well.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
- a black dress
- star garland
- spray paint*
- stencil paper
- wooden stars**
- X-acto knife
- safe cutting surface
- black marker
- newspaper

Optional (last step):
- makeup
- hair elastics

All of these things are very easily acquired at art supply stores, or in your own home. I got my dress from Goodwill.

* A note about spray paint:
I used normal spray paint in glow and metallic. The glow paint sprays clear but glows in the dark. The metallic is silver. You can probably find fabric spray paint if you're worried about the paint coming off in the wash, but I've found that normal spray paint stays on fine - just make sure you wash the garment inside-out. You can also use different colored spray paints. I used glow-in-the-dark paint because the event I was wearing it to had black lights and was, well, in the dark. Be creative with it! Some spray paints also require a flat screwdriver to open.

** A note about wooden stars:
I found this bag of wooden stars for about $1.26, and there are quite a few stars. They're also useable for other things. You could spray paint the stars as well (an advantage of having normal spray paint) and make the smaller ones into jewelry.
If you can't find (or are unwilling to buy) wooden stars, you can just print out pictures from the internet and trace those. I like wooden stars because they're inexpensive and stable.

Step 2: Make the Stencil

Now, we make the stencil.

First, lay out your stencil paper.

Lay out your stars in various designs.

Trace them with the marker.

Be sure to space the designs evenly, as these will be your stencils.

Step 3: Cut the Stencil

Now, we cut the stencil.

Put the stencil paper on a safe cutting surface.

Using the X-acto knife, cut out the stars you traced.

Leave the entire stencil paper sheet intact. Later on, it will help shield from overspray.

Step 4: Paint the Dress

This part may be a bit tricky. You'll need an enclosed space, but it MUST be well ventilated. Or you can wear a gas mask. Whatever floats your boat. I used my garage, as it protects from the wind and is very well ventilated.

Before you begin working with the dress (or whatever you're stenciling), iron it. Ironing it will make the design much neater, though it's not necessary. I didn't iron my dress, and it turned out fine.

1. First, lay out newspaper to frame the dress. This will ensure that the dress stays clean and that the spray paint doesn't go everywhere. Lay down the dress.

2. Next, put down your stencil to where you want the design to be. Use more newspaper to cover other parts of the stencil (prevent overspray) and cover exposed parts of the dress.

3. Spread the dress taut beneath the stencil and paint!
Be sure to hold the stencil in place (get creative with your body parts, as you'll need one hand to paint). Point the nozzle is straight down and spray only in short pulses. Let the fresh design dry for a few moments, then move on to the next set of stars.

4. Once you finish the first side, remove the stencil and newspaper from on top of the dress. Take the metallic or glow (personal preference here) and hold the can about a foot above the dress. Now, spray a continuous, vague line across the entire dress. It's supposed to look like a loose cluster of stars - like the Milky Way. It doesn't have to be perfect or neat at all.

5. Let the first side dry for a while (test it with your fingers). When it's dry, flip it over and repeat with the back of the dress.

6. Hang to dry completely in an open area.

7. When it's done, wrap the garland around your waist about three times (or to desired thickness) and cut. The garland should be wire, so you can bend it to stay in place.

Now you have a completed dress!

Step 5: (optional) Makeup

This is where the optional items come into place.


You will need:
- moisturizer (optional)
- foundation
- concealer (optional)
- blush
- black liquid eyeliner
- eyeshadow
- mascara
- lip gloss
- setting powder (talc powder) (optional)

We will be recreating the look in the photograph.

Start with a base. First, apply moisturizer and foundation all over your face, making sure to cover evenly. Then, apply blush by smiling and brushing it on the apples of your cheeks. Brush a bit onto your nose and chin as well to give a more natural, rosy look.

Next comes the tricky part. It's also pretty variable, so don't worry if your design isn't exactly like the one in the photo. Line your eyes (top and bottom). Then, copy the design as closely as possible as in the photo with the black liquid eyeliner. If you have silver liner, great! If not (I didn't), you can wait for the liner to dry and accent it with white or silver eyeshadow.

For your other eye, you can mimic the design, but I think that would make your face look quite busy. Instead, I took some elements of the design to my other eye. I extended the line from my top liner and put a line of dots above it. I also put dark blue eyeshadow in a thin line on my bottom eyelid and put grey, silver, and white highlights on my upper lid.

Use a powder puff or brush to apply setting powder to the eyeliner design if you plan on sweating. This will prevent the design from running/fading later.

Step 6: Makeup - Part 2

Here is a list of the exact makeup I used:

Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin - SPF 50

Covergirl Clean Makeup - 110 (Classic Ivory)

Maybelline New York Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer

Ben Nye Powder Rouge - DR-23 Golden Amber

Maybelline New York Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Black

TCW - The Color Workshop (eyeshadow color palette)

Maybelline New York - The Colossal Volum' Express Hydrofuge in Glam Black

Clinique Full Potential Lips - 02 (Peach Plump)

Ben Nye Neutral Set - Colorless Face Powder

Mehron Powder Puff

Studio Basics - Angled Eyeliner Brush

I don't know the brand of my blush brush, but any will do.

Step 7: (optional) Hair

You will need:
- 2 hair elastics
- brush
- hair

We will be recreating the hairstyle in the photographs.

First, brush out any knots in your hair.
Take one small section of hair and brush it up into a small ponytail and tie off. Repeat on the other side of your head.

Wrap the elastics with a small piece of garland. You could also braid the ponytails and braid the garland into that. 

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    nicely done instructable with great pics