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Introduction: Space Invaders Tie

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Maybe because I'm Italian, I love ties.
It is not easy to find nice ties and I prefer to customize them alone.

To get results like you see in these photos, and much more you need:
  • a vector graphic software (coreldraw, Illustrator, Inkscape)
  • A vinyl cutter. I use a Roland GX-24.
  • Hot transfers media
  • A heat press or an iron
  • ties without drawings

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Step 1: Draw It

To prepare the graphics I downloaded the TTF font "Invaders from space" from the site

After you have installed the fonts I open CorelDRAW and I placed the aliens, spaceships, and more in the size of my tie.

Since the tie had a texture squares I decided to create the pixel graphics.
From the original (a) I created a grid (b) and I made a boolean operation to get what I wanted (c)

You can download in EPS this result.

Step 2: Cut It

I have prepared my cutting plotter Roland GX-24 loading a Siser thermal transfer materials.

I imported the graphics on the Roland CutStudio software that optimizes the cutting.

For this material the glue is on the top and therefore requires mirror cutting.

Step 3: Press It

Another operation is the peel. In this case the graphics has speeded up the process.

Place the tie and graphics on the heat press. pressing for 15 seconds at 160 ° c

Step 4: Wear It

You are now ready to show off a beautiful and unique tie

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