Space Painted Leather Necklace Pendants!



Introduction: Space Painted Leather Necklace Pendants!

We are making space painted leather necklace pendants in this Instructable!

For the paint, pick colors you like and get ready to make necklace pendants that are out of this world! (Pun intended. Sorry haha)



Step 1: Gather Materials

You'll need

1) leather scraps

2) paint (black, a few darker colors, a few lighter colors, and white (or white paint pen). Optional :glitter paint, metallic paint)

I used a white paint pen because it's easier to make dots with but if you already have white paint you can use that! Paint pen not pictured above but it's a fine point craft smart paint pen

3) painters tape

4) glue on bails (I used the one pictured that has 6 pieces. It's from Michaels)

5) paint brush

6) paper towels

7) zip lock bag (sandwich size or larger)

8) scissors

9) work surface that can get paint on it. I used a lid to large plastic storage container (it's underside)

10) E6000

Step 2: Cut Leather Shapes

Use scissors to cut the leather into the shape of pendants you want. I chose to make triangles (pictured)

Step 3: Tape Shapes to Surface

Use painters tape to the work surface. Doing this makes painting the shapes easier (they stay down on the surface) and it also gives you a clean leather edge so you can see leather edge around the space painting.

If you don't want an edge then you can take small piece of tape and roll it and place under the pendant.

Step 4: Paint Pendants Black

Use paintbrush and black paint to paint the exposed surface of the pendant(s) black.

Let dry

Step 5: Start Painting Dark Colors

Use paper towel to randomly dab your darkest color besides black onto the pendants.

Try to keep it random but somewhat clustered so it looks like nebulas not sponge painting

Step 6: Paint With Next Darkest Color

Repeat the previous step with your next darkest color. I used dark blue!

Step 7: Paint First Lighter Color

Use paper towel to dab lighter color paint onto your pendants. Try to not cover all the black but also not all of the other colors you've painted

Step 8: Paint Rest of the Light Colors

To paint your next colors (I used gold and pink) we will need paintbrush and ziplock bag.

I dabbed on my gold and pink with a paint brush then used plastic bag to pat the paint. This made it more random looking and less like sponge painting.

Step 9: Glitter Paint Time (optional)

Next, I painted a little glitter paint on each of the pendants randomly. This step is optional. I'm not a glitter person but I like the effect it creates.

Let dry

Step 10: White Dot Time

Use white paint or white paint pen to make a few small dots on each pendant. You want to make it look random. Don't make too many. Vary their sizes slightly (still keep size small overall)

Let dry

Step 11: Remove Tape

Remove the painters tape from all the pendants.

The last picture is of my pile of painters tape because I thought it looked cool haha

Step 12: Glue Bails on

Put a little E6000 on both the bail and where the bail will stick on the pendant and let dry a little. Then press both glued surfaces together and let dry completely.

Using the glue in this way makes the glue bond better and stronger!

Step 13: Ta Dahhhhh!!

You're done making your space painted pendant!

If you used the same bails as I did you will need a jump ring and necklace chain to create a necklace. I'm not sure how I'm going to finish these necklaces yet. Either chain or rope. For chain you can use a smaller jump ring. If you want to make a rope necklace you'll need a larger jump ring that can fit around the rope.

Hope you liked the Instructable!


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