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Introduction: Space Saving Pallet Planter

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Here's the new addition to our terrace garden - the pallet planter! Between the household, the family and the rest of the field I never had enough time to take care of our strawberries which needed especially constant weeds removing. And so we decided to move the strawberries to a planter with a substrate in which there will never grow so much weed (or so I hope).

This planter is great for several reasons. First, it's cheap to make, second, it's easy to make and you don't need to be a carpenter and third, it saves space so even if you don't have your own garden, you can have it for example on the balcony.

Step 1: Tools and Material

You will need:

- one pallet (standard, width 120 cm)

- 6 wooden planks, length at least 49 cm and width about 10 cm

- small nails and a hammer

- wood varnish + brush

- hand saw (pokud jsou dřevěná prkna delší)

- nonwoven fabric for planters

- stapler

- scissors

- substrate/soil from your garden

- strawberry plants

Step 2: Preparing the Pallet

Start by nailing the planks to all levels of the pallet. No problem if the planks are not wide enough to cover the whole space. (picture 1)

Cut off the ends of the planks to align them with the pallet. (picture 2)

Apply varnish from all sides and let it dry. (picture 3)

Step 3: Making the Individual Planters

Cut 6 rectangles from the fabric - about 65 x 35 cm. Place them in each of the 6 planter parts and staple the edges and the bottom. (picture 1)

Cut the edges of the fabric that go over the edges of the planter. (pictures 2 and 3)

Step 4: Planting

Fill the planters with the soil. (picture 1)

Plant the strawberries and water them. (picture 2)

Have some more soil ready, once you water the strawberries, the soil will sit and you might have to add some more.

A little tip - if you worry about the pallet scratching the wall behind, just put one plank between the pallet and the wall on each side. (picture 3)

You're done! (picture 4)

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5 Discussions


Tip 2 years ago

I would suggest recommending folks check to be sure the pallet they use is heat-treated if they will be planting edibles. A chemically treated pallet could be harmful.

Kink Jarfold
Kink Jarfold

2 years ago on Step 4

I love pallets. I usually dismantle them to use the lumber to build something. Like these two end tables. This planter is ingenious. Good job.

Creative Mom CZ
Creative Mom CZ

Reply 2 years ago

Thanks and wow! Love those tables!

Creative Mom CZ
Creative Mom CZ

Tip 2 years ago

Hi, I think I can respond to this, I also take care of a field and live in a very dry area where keeping plants well watered is generally not easy. So I can compare my plants in the pallet planter to the ones in the field. So to start, the plants here need to be watered twice a day, relying on rainwater would mean killing them. I find that my plants in the planters are not doing worse than those in the field, maybe on some days even better. If your soil dries too fast, 2 things come to my mind:

1. If you have the planter in the direct sunlight, move it to an area with less sunlight.

2. Most important: The quality of the soil is essential. One has to be very careful when buying substrate, a lot of people tend to buy the cheapest thinking it's all the same. It doesn't need to be a substrate only for the plant you want to have but generally a good mark. For example, if you water the plants and see the water staying on the surface for a few seconds and kind of floating before it starts soaking in the substrate, that's a bad sign. That kind of soil will dry very very fast.

You can add the plastic as you mentioned but I can say that the textile I use is enough for me, I have the strawberries in a place where they have sun most of the say but they aren't being burnt by direct sunlight and the soil stays wet for a long time (compared to the fields around here).


Tip 2 years ago

Yes, made this last summer! Problem is the soil dries out too fast. Was thinking about updating it this year by adding 4" wide strips of plastic spaced 1" apart. That would help the soil from drying out. GL!

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