Space Ship Races

About: PENGUINS!!!!

Make your own air propulsed spacechips to race with your friends through the whole galaxy

Step 1: Materials

we will only need a used plastic bottle, some paper and some glue or tape.

Step 2: Easy Making

put the paper around the cap of the bottle and fix it there with the glue or tape.

press the paper making a clamp movement with your fingers to help give the shape you want (investigate with different shapes and styles)

Step 3: Decoration

decorate your racing spaceship with colors and drawings, get creative and original !

Step 4: Usage

Grab the bottle and press with your fingers to make the air be compressed.

with the other hand turn the cap so it gets propelled to the spice and beyond!

Set goals of distance, experiment with different ships, and race your friends!

Step 5: Keep the Fun!

Make more ships! experiment, discover, and have fun! The only limit is none!
Hope you like it and you can share your awesome new ships, maybe make new instructables with your discoveries and improvements, with your art, or whatever ideas : )

be safe and happy!



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    Tip 1 year ago

    use a crushable bottle, let out some air and then twist them in the middle until u can't any more and then screw off the cap. u also get some vapor which is cool