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Introduction: Space Themed Mobile

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Learn to make this fun mobile that a child can grow up and steers away from the traditional planet ball solar system mobile or a typical baby mobile.

This is another project for my nephew and I hope he'll like this mobile for years to come!

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will have to do some hunting for this one.

You will need some damaged vintage picture books that include images of space, planets, rockets, stars, constellations. Just anything space related really. The illustrative styles do not have to match.

Some solid color blank business cards

Hanging photo clip mobile

Washi tape of at least two patterns

Glue stick


High quality printouts of space imagery (I used the "contact sheet (35)" setting when printing images to get a smaller size)

High quality printouts of letters, names photos or anything else you can think of.

Optional: wooden or origami letters and shapes.

Step 2: Plan Your Cards

Clip out your images from books and printouts and plan how you will be arranging them.

I spread the planets out - with one planet per card. On other cards you can clip and layer images and overlap images with washi tape. This is the part where you can get creative. Here are few examples that might help.

Start gluing and overlapping your images and stickers once you have a design in mind.

Cut off any overhanging paper, tape or stickers so you end up with a nice clean edged card.

Figure two cards per clip. You may also be clipping light weight objects such as wooden stars, origami rockets or wooden letters.

Step 3: Clip and Hang

I clipped cards back to back so even if your mobile spins one of the cards is still visible.

You will end up with two cards per clip. Try and balance out the weights of the cards and keep landscape oriented designs and portrait oriented designs together.

Find a safe place with a secure attachment to hang this mobile. (If this is going in a nursery, do not hang this right above the baby's crib).

You can use this plan to make any theme really. Use this as a guide on your own mobile project!

Thank you for reading this instructable!

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