Space Gun for Costume

Introduction: Space Gun for Costume

A cool gun along with a cool helmet is a must! This gun project took the longest and it was the most complicated due to all the wiring that had to be soldered in a confined space. But in the end it all came out like i had planned! :D  After searching a long time, i finally found a Nerf gun that looked the part for the costume.  Its called a Nerf Swarmfire. Got the idea from a youtube mod video. So i took it apart and started working.

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Step 1:

Added black and white paint. And some blue LED lights.  I bought online a sound recorder and playback module called USB5M. Hot glued it inside. Replaced the switches to on/off slide switches and glued them to the bottom of the gun.  Then i added a small button to the trigger so when its pulled it activates the switch which activates the Playback sound.  Had to glue a piece of plastic to the trigger to extend it a bit.

Step 2:

Bought a laser pointer and a flashlight to put the laser inside. After some cutting and soldering, i managed to make it all fit inside the flashlight case.  Then i replaced some of the inside plastic of the guns, using the dremel, and attached the flashlight to it with hot glue.  I ran the wires to the battery and to the main trigger switch of the gun. 

Also i placed an audio in connector wire to the Sound module and ran it along to the back of the gun where it comes out.

Step 3:

After many tries, i finally got it all hooked up right.  Now with every trigger pull, the lights come on, the laser pointer shoots and the sounds that i installed in the module, activate.  Since the speaker on the module was too small , i ran a line in connector from the module through the gun and out the back end and connected it to some speakers i found at a flea market. Wrapped it up with some velcro straps and a belt.  All done!

Thanks for watching!!! :D

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