Spaceless Flip-flops Organizer

Introduction: Spaceless Flip-flops Organizer

In the summer always the flip-flops are a mess around the house, especially if you are like me and have one pair in every color, then add my husband'’s quite a number.
The best way we find to hang them and keep them hidden was to place them on the AC Closet. It has bi-fold doors; we put a bar from side to side, and hang the flip-flops with the flip-flop holder from old-navy. We just ask for more of those useful plastic hangers when we bought flip-flops and it hangs any rubber or fabric flip-flop.
So we organized one side for me and one side for him, it hold up to 25 pairs, a little tight but it’s just a matter of being careful when you take them out and put it back in. It just matter how wide your AC door is. We are planning of putting a second bar, but we have been too lazy to do it...

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