Spaceship: Heavy Cargo Ship




2 aluminum cans

1 egg carton

1 plastic box: length 15.5 cm, width 6.8 cm, height2.7 cm

2 plastic contaner: length 13.8 cm, width 4.9 cm, height 2.5cm

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Step 1: Body

but two plastic containers (both should be about length 13.8 cm, width 4.9 cm, height 2.5cm) on the sides of the egg carton and the plastic box (should be about length 15.5 cm, width 6.8 cm, height 2.7 cm) on top of the egg carton.

Step 2: Fuel Containers

but the two aluminum cans on the side of the egg carton

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    6 months ago

    Looks like fun! Was this done for a school assignment? If so, can you tell a little more about the class this was for?