Spaghetti and Wieners Meet Geometry

Intro: Spaghetti and Wieners Meet Geometry

I recently saw a picture of some spaghettis stuck in pieces of wieners, and the results were these cute little lumps with floppy tails sticking out.  "So much potential," I thought.  Here are the results of my first geometric craft using spaghetti and wieners.

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    That is great! When I first started the video I was wondering what would happen if you put it in boiling water, and then you did it! I didn't realize the pieces would stay together. That was really cool to see.

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    I'm glad you like it! Yes, they stay together quite nicely because of the triple spaghetti, and the fact that spaghetti expands in the wiener as it cooks.


    I wrote that a long time ago and... I'm not sure now! Maybe it's because each spaghetti "edge" is made of three spaghettis.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    I might try this for my math geometry project.